Toronto is a super amazing city to live in and not many people will be able to argue with that. We've got a bustling city life in our downtown area, a gorgeous waterfront, individual and unique neighbourhoods each with so much to offer and a surprising amount of nature within the city limits!

You can basically find anything you want in this city and you can barely ever find yourself bored here. But we all know you can go out and end up spending so much more than you expected to. 

That's why it's always a good idea to have a list of cheap and even free activities in the city that you want to check out. Summer is the perfect time for adventures so use this list as a fun bucket list! 

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20. Get your game on at TILT Arcade Bar. 

TILT is Toronto's largest vintage arcade bar with over 50 vintage arcade and pinball machines to play! There's a $5 cover to enter and then all the games are set to free play so you don't have to pay extra! Tuesdays are only $2 to enter and Mondays are 2 for 1! They also have tons of craft beers on tap and a menu full of great food.

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19. Take a spring stroll along the beautiful Philosopher's Walk. 

Located inside the U of T campus is an adorable cobble stone path that is perfect for a spring stroll. This outing will cost you nothing at all and it will probably make you feel like you're walking through Hogwarts in Harry Potter.

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18. Try out the book vending machine at The Monkey's Paw. 

The Monkey's Paw is a book store that's filled with tons of unique, vintage books to enjoy. Their main attraction is definitely their book vending machine which will randomly choose a book for you for just $3! It's the first one of it's kind in the world and it's definitely a cool spot to check out.

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17. Treat yourself to a coffee at the adorable hidden vintage coffee truck. 

Jacked Up Coffee is a bright blue vintage truck that serves up coffee all year round! It's hidden in a tiny alleyway in Yorkville with a small courtyard to sit and enjoy your delicious cup of Joe. It's a great spot to discover for cheap this summer.

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16. Explore the historic Spadina House Museum. 

This historic Spadina House was built in Toronto back in the late 1800s to early 1900s. It offers visitors a look into the city during the early 1900s since the museum is frozen in this time period. There's 6 structures on the grounds including the gardener's cottage, the greenhouse, and main residence.

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15. Take a tour of the Toronto Botanical Gardens. 

Entrance to the stunning Toronto Botanical Gardens is always free! You can see all the amazing themed gardens and greenhouses but if you want to take a real tour of the grounds it will only cost $10 per person.

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14. Enjoy a day of Go Karting at Polson Pier. 

Bring out your inner child and enjoy a day of go karting at one of Toronto's prettiest spots. They have a massive outdoor track that costs $3 per lap! They also offer 20 minutes for $27 if you want to splurge a little bit more and extend your time.

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13. Enjoy a pitcher of cheap sangria at Bistro 422. 

Bistro 422 is one of the best dive bars in the entire city. On Wednesdays they offer 60 oz. pitchers of sangria for just $11! That's one of the best deals you can find in all of Toronto and just in time for summer.

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12. Enjoy a stand up comedy show at Comedy Bar. 

The Comedy Bar is a great option if you're looking for a good laugh in the city. They offer all kinds of different comedy shows including sketch nights, stand up nights and improv nights! Prices are usually pretty cheap ranging from $5-$28 with most shows around $10.

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11. Take a ferry over to Centre Island. 

Now that the warm weather is back in our lives it's time to start exploring all the outdoor adventures in this city. One of the best spots to explore is Centre Island with the petting zoo, amusement park and tons of nature trails. Take the ferry over and get stunning views of the city skyline for just $8.

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10. Wander through the plant oasis of Allan Gardens Conservatory. 

Allan Gardens Conservatory is like a plant lovers dream located in the heart of the concrete jungle. It's always completely free to enter and open 365 days of the year. Walking through the rooms full of beautiful green plants is probably one of the most peaceful things to do in the city.

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9. Bring your friends to play an indoor beach volleyball game. 

You can head over to the North Beach Indoor Volleyball for a drop-in game whenever you want! Bring a group of friends and rent out a court for just $16 or $14 on off-peak hours during the day.

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8. Head to the St. Lawrence Market for lunch. 

The St. Lawrence Market is one of the best spots in the city for fresh, local food. There's tons of booths selling fresh product, meats, fishes and cheeses and others sell full on lunch foods! You can wander through and enjoy all the amazing food.

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7. Get your tan on under the pink umbrellas at Sugar Beach. 

Located on Toronto's beautiful waterfront is this adorable beach filled with pink umbrellas, white Muskoka chairs and tons of sand! Now that the sun is finally out in the Ontario we can finally start soaking up the sun and getting some colour.

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6. Take a tour of the Steam Whistle Brewing Co. 

Take a tour of one of the most Canadian brewing companies in Toronto. They offer 30-45 minute tours of how they brew these delicious beers. If you pay $15 for the upgraded tour you'll get a spread of meats, cheeses, and pretzels to go with your beer tasting!

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5. Enjoy some drinks and board games at Snakes & Lattes. 

Snakes & Lattes is one of the best spots in the city for drinks and board games. They have tons of board games available to choose from, a list of coffee and alcoholic drinks as well as tons of food and snacks! It only costs $5 to play board games and then extra for any drinks and food.

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4. Treat yourself at Toronto's first-ever creme brûlée cafe. 

Craque De Creme is this city's first-ever creme brûlée cafe with 15 different flavours of delicious creme brûlée! Some of these amazing flavours include Earl Grey, White Chocolate Rose, Honey Lavender and so much more!

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3. Drinks at this hidden Mexican patio. 

El Caballito is an authentic Mexican restaurant that has a hidden patio in the back. Their patio will literally make you feel like you're drinking cocktails on the beach!

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2. Enjoy glow in the dark mini put at 401 Mini Indy. 

Mini Golf is one of my favourite activities of all time, I don't know why there's just something so fun about it. You can get competitive while having tons of fun at the same time! Here you can play glow in the dark mini put for just $8.95 per game or $15.99 for a full day.

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1. Wander the aisles of rare books at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library. 

The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library is full of unique and rare books that can't be found anywhere else in the world. It's a great place to wander around and explore in the quiet for no cost at all!