Here Are 3 Dope Winter Music Festivals In Canada Because The Party Should Never End

Music festivals aren't just a summer thing.
Here Are 3 Dope Winter Music Festivals In Canada Because The Party Should Never End

The winter season doesn't have to be a time of no fun. Some of the dopest music festivals actually happen during the cold, bitter months and besides you'll probably be too turnt to realize that it's even winter.

So keep the positive vibes going, organize a group of friends and perhaps go on a road trip or fly out to the opposite side of Canada to check out some of the coolest music festivals across the country.

1. Solaris Winter Music Festival

Where: Toronto, ON.

When: December 2016

Solaris Winter Music Festival is one of the most popular electronic dance music festivals in Toronto. This two-day event happens every December at the Direct Energy Centre.

2. Contact Winter Music Festival

Where: Vancouver, BC.

When: December 26-27, 2016

One of the largest two-day stadium events in Canada, Contact Winter Music Festival is home to some of the most popular DJ's that travel to Vancouver to create an unforgettable EDM experience.

3. Igloo Fest

Where: Montreal, QC

When: January 2017

Performances by the best local and international DJ's, Igloofest brings together fans of electronic music within a wintery atmosphere. Happening over a course of four weekends in the winter, the festival has been crowned one of the hottest events in Montreal.

However, good news for Toronto. The organizers behind Piknik Electronic wants to bring the Igloo Fest to Toronto in 2017. They're looking to host the event at Nathan Phillips Square from Feburary 17 to the 20th. Are you ready, Toronto?