Fall is almost here, and we know you’re excited for the vibrant colours and cool weather to return to the country. While most of the population is preparing for the upcoming NHL season, the season of fall is notable for another reason - romance.

Indeed, romance in autumn may not have the same status as a “summer fling”, but it can be just as fun and adventurous. From grabbing a bite at various local restaurants to walking a colourful path downtown, here’s a list of Hamilton’s best date ideas that you and your bae should embark on this fall.

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Spend An Afternoon At The Royal Botanical Gardens

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The Royal Botanical Gardens may be located in Burlington, but the rock garden in Hamilton is one of the city's most notable attractions. With surrounding waterfalls and a featured cozy cafe, this stunning garden is the perfect place for a date.


Grab A Treat From Donut Monster

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Donut Monster is one of Locke Street’s most popular additions, and the reputation of it holds up. Baked daily with high quality ingredients, the doughnuts at Donut Monster will impress your date so much that it most likely won’t end until closing time.


Go Apple Picking At Myers Apple Farm

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Located in the country setting of Copetown, Myers Family Orchard is far from the backed-up streets of the city’s core. The breathtaking area makes for great walks and apple picking, which you can find more information on with the farm’s official schedule.


Grab A Drink At MERIT Brewing Company

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Merit Brewing Company is relatively new, and is already shaking up the city’s craft scene. With various drinks to choose from and a killer snack menu, a night spent here guarantees a classy-buzz on both alcohol and food.


Take The Hike To Albion Falls

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Hamilton is known as the “City of Waterfalls”, and Albion Falls might just be one of their most popular. A 19-metre cascade that downpours in staggered directions, the falls are the perfect opportunity to have a relaxing and quiet moment.


Catch A Movie At The Drive-In

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I love the drive-in, and the one in Hamilton is just as cozy and charming in the fall. While upcoming films like The Nun may be horror flicks, that doesn’t mean that a night here won’t be romantic.


Taste Some Authentic Pizza At NaRoma

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Another Locke Street gem, NaRoma Pizzeria is one of those places where you could just eat everything off their menu. While the nutella pizza is definitely a fan favourite, all options at this restaurant are sure to impress your date.


Attend An Art Crawl

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Hamilton’s art crawls are one of the most anticipated events of each month, which also makes it the perfect date idea. While an art crawl happens the second Friday of every month, the city’s annual SuperCrawl will be running from September 13th to 16th this year.


Attend A Hamilton Tiger Cats Game

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While it’s no longer called the Ivor Wynne Stadium, the energy at Tim Hortons Field is just as genuine and buzz-worthy as before. With a couple more games remaining, make sure you get your date tickets to the Labour Day event with the Tiger Cats against the Toronto Argonauts.


Pick Out Some Pumpkins At Dyment's Pumpkin Patch

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The Glen Drummond Farm has been home to the Dyment family since 1887, and has been entertaining pumpkin-seekers ever since. For pumpkin picking, the farm will be open the first weekend of October this year and will close on the 31st.


Grab A Coffee From Mulberry Street Coffeehouse

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We love Mulberry Street Coffeehouse. It’s one of those places where the inside is just as nice as the outside, so you’re never really disappointed by it. With exceptional coffee and a cozy outdoor patio, a date at Mulberry will most likely be spent in deep conversation.


Go For A Hike Along Dundas Peak

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Dundas Peak is definitely a stunning hike during fall, when the leaves begin to change and the sweater weather status gets pretty legit. As long as you’re careful not to trip over a rock (because believe me, it happens), a date here most likely won’t end in embarrassment.


Try An Escape Room At Alcatraz Escape Rooms

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Escape rooms are becoming quite popular, and the ones at Alcatraz Escape Rooms are Hamilton’s best. With current escape rooms such as Saw-inspired “Let’s Play A Game” and a casino heist operation, a night here is perfect for a single or double date.


Tour The Art Gallery Of Hamilton

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Get into your artsy side at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, one of the oldest public art galleries in Canada. With about 290,000 visitors a year, you and your date can spend an afternoon touring some of the most interesting artwork in the city.


Go Wine Tasting At Ridge Road Estate Winery

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Who doesn’t love wine? I mean, it may not be as important to Canadians as beer, but a date spent here will be just as tasteful and relaxing.


Test Your Relationship At Mancala Monk Board Game Cafe

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It’s always fun to mix up the typical date night, and one spent at Mancala Monk Board Game Cafe would do exactly that. Located on Cannon Street, the cafe finds a perfect balance of entertainment and coffee for you and your date.


Get Active At The Flying Squirrel

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The Flying Squirrel is a relatively new addition, especially for Hamilton’s uptown. A gem on Upper James and Rymal, a date here will make a workout actually seem fun.


Go For A Walk Along Pier 8

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Something is always happening at Pier 8, but sometimes the best experience is the walk you can take in the fall. Surrounded by a peaceful and colourful oasis, the shore of Hamilton Harbour makes for a perfect night spent talking by the water.


Grab A Cone From The Chimney Cake Shop

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This is a new one in Hamilton, so what better way to try it out than taking someone on a date during the fall? Located in Stoney Creek, grab a cone at the shop and then explore the chic restaurants and area nearby.


Check Out Bizarro's Factory Of Fear

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Set in Mizener’s Antique Market, this haunted Hamilton attraction may not call for a romantic date, but it sure will bring you closer together. Who doesn't love to get seriously scared on your first date? It's definitely a "bonding experience".


Attend The Ancaster And Binbrook Fair

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Both the communities of Ancaster and Binbrook hold annual fairs, and every year I go to both of them. The Binbrook Fair will be held from September 14th to 16th, while the Ancaster Fair will run from September 20th to the 23rd. They operate on different weekends, so there’s nothing holding you back from visiting both of them.

Ancaster Fair Website

Binbrook Fair Website

Get Into Some Bowling At Splitsville

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Dinner and a movie are a pretty typical date night, and sometimes you have to switch up. At Splitsville, you can order rounds of beer and food while getting into your competitive side with a classic bowling match. I mean, I'm not sure about you - but that sounds like a much better date than a typical rom-com and popcorn, right?! (unless it's a Kate Hudson/Matthew McConaughey film. Then no).


Fine Dine At The Ancaster Mill

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You know things are getting serious when your date takes you to the Ancaster Mill. A top-notch and elegant restaurant surrounded by a waterfall and picturesque scenery, the Ancaster Mill is a beautiful brunch spot with just as beautiful food. It is also pretty enough for weddings and special events - you know, if you see your relationship going that way.


Solve Your Issues At Lazer Mania

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Lazer Mania has to be one of my favourite places. Located on Upper James, Lazer Mania is a hotspot that people tend to overlook nowadays - but it doesn’t mean that you should. Rather than arguing with your date in a way that you know won’t end, release your frustrations at Lazer Mania; where facing your competition will only bring you closer together.


Explore The City's History At Dundurn Castle

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Dundurn Castle is an important landmark of Hamilton's history, and while I mostly remember it from elementary school trips and the go-to place to get prom pictures done, it’s also a pretty cute date spot. I mean, who doesn’t love a little historical adventure, right? For more information on events and tours, you can also check out their official website.