Italians know how to eat. Like they REALLY know how to eat. 

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Which is why you definitely want to participate in this year's Giro d"Italia, or Italian Week. Taking place from July 20th-30th, it's a week of awesome prixe fixed menus ($49 for 4-course dinner and $ 29 of 3-course lunch) happening at Italian restaurants all over Toronto. Each restaurant showcases food from a different region of Italy, therefor you can take a trip without ever getting on a place with this awesome week of food. There are all the restaurants featured this year: 

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Ardo // 243 King Street East 

Region: Toscana

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Aria // 25 York St E 

Region: Piemonte

*Serving lunch

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Ascari Enoteca // 1111 Queen St E

Region: Emilia Romagna

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Bricco // 3047 Dundas St W. 

Region: Sicilia

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Enoteca Sociale // 1288 Dundas St W. 

Region: Liguria

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F’Amelia // 12 Amelia St. 

Region: Basilicata

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L’Unità // 134 Avenue Rd

Region: Molise

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Local Kitchen // 1710 Queen Street W

Region: Lazio


Locale Mercatto // 330 Bay St 

Region: Puglia

*Serving Lunch

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Mistura // 265 Davenport Rd 

Region: Abruzzo

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Noce //  875 Queen St W 

Region: Le Marche

*Serving lunch

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Oretta // 633 King St 

Region: Veneto

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Paese // 3827 Bathurst St 

Region: Calabria

*Serving lunch

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Quanto Basta // 1112 Yonge St 

Region: Campania

*Serving lunch

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Stelvio // 354 Queen St W

Region: Lombardia

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Zucca // 2150 Yonge St

Region: Sardegna

For more info on Giro d'Italia, click here.