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Here Are All The The Best Date Ideas For This Fall In Toronto

Here are some amazing date ideas for the Fall season!
Here Are All The The Best Date Ideas For This Fall In Toronto

The visually-alluring season of Fall is just around the corner (seriously, it's September next week) and with the spectacular change in fashion due to weather, comes the serious need to showcase it. But WHERE?! Where do you show off the new you? Hint: dates are great idea.

Fall is probably the most visually appealing of all the seasons. Imagine: you in your cashmere scarf and peacoat, leather boots, cocoa in hand... all you're missing is that perfect activity to share all your beautiful moments with. 

Here are 30 fun date ideas to do this Fall in Toronto: 

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Paint Your Own Masterpiece At "Brushstrokes" 

@raachelpetersembedded via

Brushstrokes is a great Fall date idea because you can paint really festive subjects like colourful leaves, pumpkin patches or vibrant hiking trails. There is a paint night happening September 15th where you can paint your own masterpieces all evening, and food/drinks are free!

The best part- this event is in support of SickKids, and proceeds go towards helping families with a rare disease called Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). If you take your date here, you will probably win every point out there because compassion is sexy. Enter Promo Code “NARCITY” to secure your spot with a sweet discount (Promo ends September 4).

If you can't make it, you can still support by sending a SickKids family to the event instead.

Go Apple Picking Together

@yvestownembedded via

Is it really Fall if you don't go apple picking? Asking for a friend. I mean, apple picking is one of the ultimate Autumn experiences, so why not take your date there? There's something about the way that the hot summer weather turns crisp, the days shorten and the leaves begin to turn brilliant shades, that makes us feel warm and comforted.

There's nothing that brings back the nostalgia of childhood than heading out to an orchard to pick some apples.

Get Tickets to a Basketball Game

@oldschool.angelembedded via

Basketball season begins in October, which means you can find cheap tickets now before the playoffs actually begin. Bonus points if you both root for the same team, but if not, a little friendly flirty competition doesn't hurt.

Drink Hot Chocolate On Top Of The Yorkville Rock 

@xolindsayembedded via

We all know sitting on top of the Yorkville Rock is like Toronto's version of the steps at the Met. It's enjoyable, amusing and a great place to people-watch and exchange playful banter. The best part of this popular location is that it's casual yet boujee. You can grab some rich hot chocolate at Goldstruck, or your favourite PSL at Starbucks across the street. If you're lucky, maybe you'll bump into a celebrity at The Hazelton.

Go Coffee Shop Hopping 

@pacificparksocialembedded via

This is more of a casual date idea, but nonetheless a cute and quirky one. Pick a few stylish coffee shops with your date and set aside an afternoon to café hop. The point of the date isn't to become a caffeine connoisseur, but to explore new parts of the city with your SO and have a great time!

Put A Lock On The Distillery District's Love Sign 

@codetaniembedded via

Okay, I know, this is super cheesy and overdone... but don't lie-- it's a little sweet. It's also a great excuse to visit Toronto's adorable Distillery District. You can visit quaint coffee shops and boutiques and dine at Cluny's Bistro, where they serve extravagant dishes lilke Urchin Toast ($17.95) and Melted Gruyére ($16.75).

Yep-- this is the restaurant to show off your sauve and cultured side. They also serve a special seafood tower which will be sure to impress your date. Remember to kiss under the red heart sculpture at the end of the night!

Visit A Craft Brewery 

@oldmanhatembedded via

If cheesy love locks aren't your thing, you can always hit up a brewpub. They're the quintessential safe haven from Fall's dropping temperatures. Toronto always has new breweries setting up shop every couple of months. Bandit Brewery, Indie Alehouse and Bellwoods Brewery are some of the city's west end hotspots.

Pack A Picnic And Enjoy Eachother's Company At Trinity Bellwoods 

@claudiarspratesembedded via

Speaking of the west end, Trinity Bellwoods is absolutely stunning in the Fall. Pack a blanket, small picnic (maybe some to-go food at La Palma?) and maybe even a bottle of wine and enjoy each other's company under the red, orange and yellow trees.

When you're all exhausted from the relaxation, you can wander around the trendy Queen West neighbourhood and eat ice cream, shop around or grab some coffee.

Take Your Date To Experience The Romance And Drama Of The Ballet 

@jahnfennellembedded via

The ballet has always seemed fitting for the slightly breezy months. Imagine: wool blend peacoats, cashmere scarves, leather gloves... and the ballet. For more info, visit the National Ballet's website.

Hit Up A Games Bar At Night 

@envytorresembedded via

It's kind of fun to get a little steamy and competitive during an intense game of Mario Kart while on your second pint of craft beer. The Greater Good serves craft beer and North of Brooklyn pizza as well as an arcade filled with retro skeeball and pinball machines. You and your date could also grab a corner booth at Power Up Game Bar and play the classic Super Smash Bros.

Take In All The Fall Colours

@realalixstarkembedded via

Hiking trails during fall will give you and your date some of the most picturesque landscapes of Ontario. There are so many ways to admire and explore Autumn reds, oranges and yellows-- but hiking to the top of a peak may be the most flawless option. Slip-on a pair of comfy boots and some cute warm clothes and enjoy some memorable bonding time. Edward Gardens is only 17 min from Toronto!

Grab A Bite At St. Lawrence Market

@rangenaazumiembedded via

St. Lawrence Market is truly a Toronto icon and offers arguably some of the tastiest food markets in the world. You can explore incredible baked goods, cheese shops and savoury BBQ meat sandwiches. You can also grab amazing lobster rolls from Buster's Sea Cove and take your food outside to enjoy the crisp weather.

Catch A Flick At TIFF And Then Go To Their After-Party

@wheres.garyembedded via

TIFF is running from September 6-16 and it's an exciting date idea to take them on a special film and then head over to their after-party lounge. This year (and for the first time ever), nightlife legends 1 OAK will be hosting TIFF's after-party and will feature private celebrity DJ's, VIP table service and an extravagant rooftop party, overlooking the entire festival.

To secure a private table, contact 1 OAK here!

Cuddle Up Against A Warm Bonfire

@pamandevanembedded via

If you're both outdoorsy, grab some wood and matches and find a (legal) place where you can cozy up by the fire! Maybe roast some marshmallows or make some s'mores. The good thing is, Toronto's newly renovated Ontario Place now features a cozy fire pit. You can gaze up at the stars and enjoy getting to know each other over a mug of Irish coffee.

WOW Your Date By Taking Them To A Puppy Yoga Class

@kailymaddiganembedded via

You win extra points if you actually book this class as a date idea. First off-- puppy yoga is absolutely adorable and new to Toronto, so the entire event will be new and exciting. You also get to show your sweet side to your date. Just don't forget to bring your yoga mat!

Visit The Petting Zoo At High Park

@nicola.a.membedded via

This is one of my favourite and free things to do in Toronto. If you're dating an animal lover, then you should definitely take them on an adventure to see all the adorable animals.

Take a Scenic Walk At Dusk

@_h.kbembedded via

What's more romantic than leaves vibrant falling, a brisk wind blowing and a beautiful backdrop for you and your date to enjoy? The boardwalk at The Beaches in Toronto is a great place to sightsee during the Fall and it's great to people-watch while also getting an ocean-like atmosphere. I can't think of many places better to take a stroll at dusk in Toronto.

Sign Up for a Cooking Class at Dish Cafe 

@dishcookingstudioembedded via

If it's getting to be too cold outside, turn up the heat in the kitchen and learn a new recipe together! Dish Cafe offers extraordinary and dynamic cooking classes where you and your date can have some fun in the kitchen and eat it, too. This is definitely the spot to get clues to their true identity... Take a look at their class schedule here.

Take a Ghost Tour

@hauntedwalkembedded via

If you're into scary stories but not into fully engineered spooks, take a visit to some haunted areas. There is a haunted walk happening in Toronto that is a fun and different date idea. Breaking the sexual tension has never been easier than when you're on a haunted tour and need someone to hold on to because you're... scared.

Share Chocolate Fondue At Cacao 70 Distillery

@scallysinopoliembedded via

If you're dating a chocolate fiend, take them to Cacao 70. This dessert spot is specially catered to chocoholics, and their fondues are shareable by using their adorable mini fondue forks. I don't know what it is about chocolate and fall... it just works.

Catch A Sunset At Riverdale Park

@aconradembedded via

Riverdale has a seriously underrated view of the city, you should head there after dinner to admire a breathtaking sunset with your loved one. Remember to pack a blanket, and maybe bring your dog!

Go On A Hiking Trail 

@angemala1124embedded via

This is an interactive date idea which will get you both working your endorphins. There's nothing better than getting a little exercise while exploring a new nature spot with someone you love (or like, if you're not quite there yet).

Visit A Pumpkin Patch 

@fall_in_love_with_autumnembedded via

If you're not as thrilled about PSL season as the average person, fall still wouldn't be the same without visiting a bright orange pumpkin patch. A trip to a pumpkin patch is the chance to spend a day outdoors and makes an easy setup for part two of the date: taking the pumpkin home and carving it!

Take A Wine Tour At Niagara-On-The-Lake

@stratuswinesembedded via

This is a fall date classic. Stratus Vineyard is one of Niagara's hot-shot wineries and everything about the place screams class and sophistication. It costs only $20 for a one-hour tour and it's definitely worth it to get a lil tipsy with your date.

Visit A Stunning Provincial Park

@serioussneakembedded via

Ontario provincial parks lure you in during the fall with their stunning foliage and crisp dry air. It's the perfect season to visit one of Ontario's many provincial parks. If you are both outdoorsy, you can try camping on one of their many campsites surrounded by all the colour. Check out this handy fall colour report to visit at peak times!

Visit A Cidery Near Toronto

@the.tattedkatembedded via

There are plenty of places with this delicious tart drink on tap and you can find the especially good stuff just outside of Toronto. Applewood Farm and Beaver Valley are some of the city's favourites, featuring all natural apple cider.

Take Them To A Biergarden

@tooktoberfestembedded via

This is a very festive idea if you want to show your date your 'fun side.' How many excuses do you really need to indulge in German food and beer than Toronto's Oktoberfest or a rooftop beer garden? If you don't want to drink massive amounts, sharing a beer sample with that special someone is adorable enough.

Eat Dumplings And Admire Art At Nuit Blanche 2018

@umbereeneembedded via

Nuit Blanche is a great way to see creative art installations from all over the world. The best part is it's free! Actually no... the best part is that you get to explore the city during Fall's crisp air with your significant other and grab late-night bites from their wide array of food trucks.

Play Cozy Board Games At Snakes and Lattes

@meljaytvembedded via

With the cold weather around the corner, you can appreciate indoor board games and hot beverages with your date more than ever! Cozy up at Snakes and Lattes and play one of their MANY adventurous and quirky board games, and show them your fiery, competitive side!

Go Window Shopping Around Queen West 

@the6oceansgalleryembedded via

This hip Toronto neighbourhood is full of popping bars, restaurants, dessert shops, cafés and antique shops! You can help your S.O. shop for their new fall/winter wardrobe or maybe wander into some charming decorating shops to find some cool textiles for your apartment.

There is a wide range of great date options in this list, so there's sure to be something that fits both of your tastes during Toronto's Fall season!

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