I know that getting a super fit bod for summer might be #goals, but sometimes you have to treat yourself, right!? And what better way to do so than to splurge with one or a box of ooey gooey doughnuts. I'm not talking your typical sour cream glaze either. 

Toronto is chalked full of treats to tempt even the most vigilant cross fitter, but these wild and crazy doughnuts can't be refused. They're both delicious and Instagram worthy. Is there a better combination than that?  

Local bakers and business owners are creating tiny masterpieces that are eaten and enjoyed by the thousands every week, so feel free to turn this into your new summer bucket-list!

Apiecalypse Now

Where: 735 Bloor St W

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Does this D'ohnut remind you of anything? Well it's not only Simpson's inspired, it's also vegan! Known across the city for insanely delicious pizza, their extensive all vegan menu is sure to satisfy for both dinner and dessert.


The Rolling Pin

Where: 1970 Avenue Rd

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If you think you've seen it all in the doughnut world than you're in for a treat. The Rolling Pin does everything from pies, gourmet wedding cakes, cupcakes and obviously doughnuts. Their creations are one of a kind and they're currently taking pre-orders for National Doughnut Day!


Jelly Modern

Where: 376 College St

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The name says it all! With locations in both Toronto and Calgary, their goal is to reinvent doughnuts with sophisticated flavour and high quality ingredients. I think it's safe to say that they have the sophisticated part covered!


Sorelle and Co

Where: 161 Yorkville Ave

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Not only are their doughnuts and baked goods beautiful, but their entire cafe looks like it's made for royalty. The bakery is entirely nut, soy, gluten and preservative free and they focus on bringing elegance and worry free eating together!


Glory Hole

Where: 1596 Queen St W

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If the name didn't steer you in their direction than the doughnuts sure will! Glory Hole Doughnuts specialize in creating yeast, cake and vegan doughnuts which all have unique textures and flavours. The little shop is independently run and each doughnut is handcrafted, providing the ultimate confectionery experience!


Von Doughnuts

Where: 713 Danforth

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Von Doughnuts makes it their mission to supply this city with the most unique and outrageous doughnuts, and they're surely succeeding! With famous creations like the Homer Simpson and Mangiacake doughnuts, there's no knowing what they'll come out with next!


Doughnut Monster

Where: 246 Locke St

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Even though they're not from Toronto, this Hamilton hot spot had to make the list! Coming out with new crazy mixtures of flavours every day, like their Pineapple Sesame Crunch, Candied Grapefruit or Cranberry Almond, it's no surprise that their fame has grown. Doughnut Monster is now in many locations across Hamilton and surrounding areas and these doughnuts are totally worth the trek outside Toronto!


Emma's Country Kitchen

Where: 810 St. Clair Ave W

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If you love doughnuts as much as you love brunch than this spot has to be your first stop. Emma's Country Kitchen is an adorable old school restaurant that's full of the comfort food you know and love. Make sure to try their Wild Blueberry and Ricotta Pancakes, with a side of doughnuts (obviously).


Through With Being Cool

Where: 1277 Bloor St W

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Through With Being Cool are actually too cool for school! This little bakery on Bloor St doesn't only cook up these wild and crazy doughnuts, they also make fresh sandwiches, breads, homemade meals and guess what? They're all entirely vegan! Eating quality baked goods never looked so cool!


SanRemo Bakery

Where: 374 Royal York Rd

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This wildly popular Italian bakery is a little taste of Italy and has been open since 1969 by Natale Bozzo, and passed down to his sons. Cakes, breads, pastries and catering, these guys do it all! They're famous for their fairy inspired doughnuts and their jumbo doughnuts that are the size of a cake!



Where: 873 Bloor St W

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Bloomers doughnuts make the list for both creativity, style and picture perfect looks. Their drool worthy doughnuts also come with lots vegan options to choose from! The location is also a full restaurant chalked full of vegan options like Tempeh Wings and their Black Bean Mushroom, Seitan Burger!