Here Are The Types Of Toronto Couples You Probably Know All Too Well

Toronto prides itself on being one of the most diverse cities in the world. Whether that be based on religion, race, or sexuality, it's no question that Toronto is made up of a lot of unique individuals.

Seeing as our city is so diverse, it's no surprise that we have a wide range of couples as well.  Below we have listed a few of the typical couples you'll meet in Toronto, as well as some suggested date ideas.

So if you're looking for something to do with your S/O this Valentine's day in Toronto, why not identify your relationship below and take a look at our date ideas!

The GTA Couple

This couple probably has quite a few presto receipts scrunched into their coat pockets, and are constantly planning fun dates in the city. There is a good chance they are well versed in public transit, and have tried more restaurants than most locals.

Ideal date: A Raptors game at the ACC followed by drinks at El Furniture Warehouse.

The Fitspo Couple

This couple can be caught running to and from a spin class at Spokehaus, or grabbing an acai bowl at the grow op. An easy indicator would be their incredible bods that they work so hard to achieve.

Ideal date: A high-intensity class at Pursuit ORC followed by a walk through Trinity Bellwoods Park.

The Blogger Couple

This couple will often be seen in front of white brick walls taking aesthetically pleasing outfit photos for their Instagram, or placing their food on white marble counter tops for the perfect #foodporn photo. You can definitely bet that these two have the cutest couple photos around, and probably 10x more Instagram followers than you.

Ideal date: A breakfast date at rose and sons, and an afternoon stroll through crowd gardens.

The Foodie Couple

This couple has as much of a passion for food as they do for each other (maybe more). If you're constantly tagging your S/O in restaurant accounts on Instagram then there is a good chance that you're involved in a food driven relationship, which is basically the best thing ever because you get to constantly try amazing food with your loved one.

Ideal date: Dinner at Hanmoto, followed by a dessert milkshake at Peace Treats.

The Caffeine-Addicted Couple

This couple will often have an indie coffee cup in hand while finishing up some work in a wifi zone or catching up on some reading in front. There is a good chance that one of them owns a Jimmy's coffee t-shirt and that they have both mastered the art of french press coffee.

Ideal date: Going coffee shop hopping down Queen West. If you need some inspo, here are a few perfect places to try out!

The Broke Student Baes

A surefire sign of this Toronto couple would be a backpack full of textbooks and a university hoodie. You'll often catch this couple taking advantage of the cheap eats in Kensington market, or catching up on their studying at the Toronto Reference Library.

Ideal date: Releaving some stress at the High Park zoo followed by an awesome night of free art on a Wednesday at the AGO.

The Young Professional S/Os

This is a pairing of two driven young professionals who definitely have their shit together. They likely spend a lot of time on King St rushing from meetings to client dinners, but they still manage to make time for one another.

Ideal date: A late dinner at Frings followed by drinks at bar chef.

The Clubbing Couple

Between the two of them, this couple pretty much has every possible connection in the Toronto nightlife scene. You'll often find them taking advantage of bottle service at Wildflower or celebrating the weekend a little prematurely on a Thursday at Early Mercy.

Ideal date: A night out at EFS followed by a hangover brunch at Brassaii.

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