Here Is Everything You Need to Know About The Shooting In Toronto's West End Last Night

It's the tenth murder this month.
Here Is Everything You Need to Know About The Shooting In Toronto's West End Last Night

Another tragic shooting occurred last night in Toronto's west end. Over the last month, there has been a rise in shootings happening in the city and the shooting in Etobicoke on Tuesday night is just the latest. 

The police were called to a residential building in Southern Etobicoke, around Bradham Path and Birmingham Street area, late in the eveningafter people heard gunshots. They found a man in his 40s suffering from gunshot wounds and after rushing to the hospital he succumbed to his injuries. 

A man is shot multiple times and killed inside townhouse unit on Bradham Path near Islington/Lakeshore. This is tenth murder in Toronto in just past four weeks. 7 of the 10 have been by gun.

June 6, 2018

This shooting is the tenth murder in just four weeks and is the seventh shooting. Some have already begun to compare these crimes to the "summer of the gun" in 2005. 

Toronto has already had 162 shooting so far this year, a record high for the past five years. Between April and May, 81 of those shootings has left over 100 people dead

Shooting: Bradham Path (Islington Ave and Birmingham St) @TPS22Div - CPR in progress. Emergency run to trauma centre.

June 6, 2018

Another shooting murder in Toronto:

June 6, 2018

Mayor of Toronto, John Tory, said last week that these shootings wouldn't be brushed aside. He had spoken to Mark Saunders, the police chief of the city, and had been assured that these crimes would be taken seriously. Tory has yet to make a statement about Tuesday's shooting. 

Police still have yet to release details on the suspect of this crime but are asking those who have information to come forward. We can only hope that this gun violence trend in Toronto slows down soon. 

Source:  Global

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