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Here Is Where U of T Stands On A Tuition Funded TTC Pass For Students

Paying for the TTC isn't exactly fun for anyone, especially cash strapped, debt laden, post-secondary students. Just about every student living off campus would probably tell you that they could use some help paying for their transit passes each month. 

Which is why it should come as good news tomost students of the University of Toronto that the TTC and the university seem to have agreed on a plan that would lower the cost of monthly passes for students dramatically. 

They just need students to agreeon it as well now.   

So, what is the plan exactly?

The idea is that the fee for monthly transit passes would be built into tuition costs for all students, regardless of whether or not they use transit on a regular basis.  

The overall cost of the pass would be $70 per month. 

That would be a massive savings for students seeing as right now the cost for a monthly pass is well over $100 every month.  

The pass would only be available through the Presto card system. 

The big catch here is that even if University of Toronto students vote for the pass it won't be guaranteed.  

That's because the TTC says it needs the University of Toronto – St George campus, Ryerson University, OCAD University and George Brown College to all vote for the pass in order to make it happen. 

Without the participation of all the schools the pass may not become available for students.  

St George campus will vote on the pass system later this month. 

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