If you're looking for a cheap (aka free) date night, or a fun activity to do with a group of friends this winter, why not take your own tour of some of Toronto's finest Christmas lights and displays? This is an awesome activity that will get you active, and allow you to explore our amazing city!

So grab a friend, make some hot chocolate to go, and get exploring! Below I have included pictures from each light display, as well as addresses for each of your stops.

Don't forget to screenshot the map I've included before heading out the door.  Have fun Toronto, and don't forget your mittens! :)

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1. Casa Loma // 1 Austin Terrace

This is the first stop on our Toronto Christmas light tour, and it's for a good reason. Kick off your evening of exploring by visiting Toronto's very own ice palace, where you will find infinite amounts of gorgeous photo ops.

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2. Christie Pits // 750 Bloor St W.

For all you cat lovers out there, you're in luck! Christie Pits is home to this adorable light up tiger.

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3. Yonge and Dundas Square // 1 Dundas St E.

The third place you'll need to hit up is Toronto's very own Yonge and Dundas Square. There's always something fun happening in this part of Toronto, but it's truly beautiful at this time of year.

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4. CF Toronto Eaton Center // 220 Yonge St.

If you're headed to the Eaton Center to get some Christmas shopping done, you might as well take a look at all their adorable Holiday displays as well!

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5. Nathan Phillips Square // 100 Queen St W.

Nathan Phillips Square is definitely one of the most festive places in the city once the holiday season rolls around! Be sure to bring your skates if you decide to make a trip to this destination.

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6. First Canadian Place // 100 King St W.

The First Canadian Place combines simple elegance and holiday spirit into one. They also have one of the most aesthetically pleasing Christmas trees in the city.

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7. Commerce Court // 199 Bay St.

Commerce Court definitely does not skip corners, or in this case branches. This tree is completely decked out in beautiful white lights.

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8. Toronto Dominion Center // 66 & 95 Wellington St W.

As if the view of the CN tower was not breathtaking enough from this location, the two stunning trees make it even prettier. Be sure to snap a few pictures at the stop!

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9. Brookfield Place // 181 Bay St.

The Brookfield place is beautiful all year around. With how stunning the building itself is, it's no surprise that it is also home to one of the most unique and beautiful "trees" in the entire city.

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10. Toronto Christmas Market // 55 Mill St. 

What better way to end a festive walking tour of Toronto than the Christmas market? Be sure to grab yourself a cup of mulled wine upon your arrival, because at the end of the night you'll have definitely earned it!

And here is the map for those who are looking to visit all locations in one go!