Here's Everything You Need To Know About Smoking Weed Legally In Ontario

Things are looking a little sketchy.
Here's Everything You Need To Know About Smoking Weed Legally In Ontario

It was already known that that the Ontario government planned to shut down any independently owned dispensaries in and around the province. However that wasn't the only thing said around the marijuana legalization laws looking to be implemented in the upcoming year. 

Announced today, anyone looking to purchase marijuana in Ontario must be 19 years old or older. This is coincidently on par with the legal drinking age with makes sense because the only legal dispensaries will be run by the LCBO. It's said that LCBO locations that sell alcohol won't be selling marijuana but will instead have separate storefronts for weed purchasing. 

There will be the ability to purchase weed from online stores, however there will be an ID check and signature verification at the door when your package is dropped off. Also, packages of pot will not be able to be dropped off without someone coming out to collect and sign for the package. 

Anyone of legal age who purchases marijuana from an LCBO dispensary (in store or online) will only be allowed to smoke inside a private residence and not anywhere else. So the consumption of any legally bought weed publically would be illegal. 

The Ontario government anticipates that they'll have 150 locations open across the province by 2020. It's being said that these new LCBO locations will find themselves in the same spots of the current illegal dispensaries across Ontario that are set to be shut down. 

There is no word yet on how much everything is going to cost, on how the products will be taxed, how the government plans to enforce the new marijuana laws, or the startup costs or expected profit. 

For more information on what's happening around marijuana laws or the Cannabis Act, check out the Government of Canada's Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis page. 

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