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Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Death At The Bloor-Yonge TTC Station

And information on the Bloor-Yonge station closures.
Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Death At The Bloor-Yonge TTC Station

Earlier today a male was killed when he was hit by a train at Bloor- Yonge Station.  

Police say that they were called to the scene at 10:30 AM after the man in his 20's was hit by the TTC subway train. Another individual estimated to be in his 40's has been taken into police custody as part of their investigation into what exactly happened- but has yet to be charged. 

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As a result of the incident, the TTC says that Yonge Station on Line 2 remains closed for the time being. 

Line 2: Trains not stopping at Yonge Station due to an earlier injury on the tracks.

June 18, 2018

Police are currently in the process of reviewing security footage to see exactly what caused the man to be on the tracks in the first place. 

The police believe that there is a chance, that the victim was pushed onto the TTC tracks and resulting in this death - however, they have yet to make that official. They don't believe there was an altercation at the platform or that the incident was a random attack. 

According to Toronto Detective Rob North, "The victim was at track level and was about to get on a train and whether they were pushed or strumbled it's something we're looking into." 

“We have one person in custody, but not under arrest,” added Spokesperson Gary Long.

To compound the problem someone else was hit by a train at College station a short time later but police believe that was an intentional suicide. 

“It’s uncommon to have two incidents so close together,” said TTC spokesperson Stuart Green said.

Shuttle buses are currently running between Castle Frank and St. George stations to help those affected by the investigation.   

Just keep alert, let people on and off, prepare to exit before your stop, take off your backpack, keep your hands to yourself, and we will all get through these delays together.#ttc

June 18, 2018

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross said Bloor Station is currently being serviced by Line 1 trains.   

The TTC is asking people to please be patient when waiting for the bus to avoid overcrowding, which can lead to more people being hurt.

Source:680 News, TTC,

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