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Here's Everything To Know About The Olympics So Far To Avoid Looking Dumb

A quick summary of the 2016 Olympics so far.
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Here's Everything To Know About The Olympics So Far To Avoid Looking Dumb

If you've been living under a rock / avoiding social media or TV then you probably need to be brought up to speed on what's been going down in Rio.

We have so many talented athletes representing our country at the Olympics this year, and the rest of the world has definitely taken note of that.

In short, Canada has been killing it. 

Canada's Medal Standings

We currently have 13 medals in total. These include four bronze and one gold in swimming, one gold in trampoline, one silver in rowing, two bronze in athletics, and one bronze in diving.

The athletes who won these medals include Penny Oleskiak, Rosie MacLennan, Lindsay Jennerich, Patricia Obee, Taylor Ruck, Andre De Grasse, Sandrine Mainville, Bianca Farella, Ashley Stacey and Charity Williams.

New Canadian Underdogs

By now you have probably heard about Penny Oleskiak and Andre De Grasse.  These young olympians have been taking the Canadian Media by storm.   Penny has secured 2 medals in total for butterfly swim and freestyle events which Andre has secured a medal in 100m dash.

Even our six god Drake has been keeping up with the games, and took to Instagram to congratulate Penny on her recent accomplishments.

Olympic Media Drama

Cory Cogdell's win was diminished on social media at this years games. The Chicago Tribune got called out in a meme that went viral after referring to athlete Cory Cogdell-Unrein as "Wife of a Bears' Lineman".

Many people were outraged that the Chicago Tribune did not even use the athletes name, let alone identified her as a "wife to Bears' lineman".

Olympic Proposals

This year a few different athletes have decided to pop the question! Most recently Will Claye proposed to his girlfriend and fellow olympic hurdler Queen Harrison shortly after he won his silver medal.

Isadora Cerullo from Brazil's womens rugby team was swept off her feet by girlfriend Marjorie Enya after she proposed shortly after Isadora's game. Marjorie was a volunteer at the olympic games, which allowed her to cheer on her girlfriend every step of the way.

He Zi was surprised on the podium with a marriage proposal from fellow olympian Ki Qin, who won a bronze in the men’s synchronised diving the week prior!

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    Sara Sandham
    Staff Writer
    Sara Sandham was a writer with Narcity Media.
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