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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Toronto’s Biggest Sex Show

The sexy experience everyone needs to try at least once.

Long term relationships often lead to a redundant sex routine, and sometimes even sex blues. It happens, you get comfortable, and things were seen that can’t be unseen – like the first trip to the toilet in front of your partner – and life just gets stressful. Here’s a little advice: stop that shit right now or run the risk of having your parents’ sex lives! (And parents, if you’re reading this, you could probably use this too.)

If nothing else, the Everything To Do With Sex Show will get you out of the house this weekend and doing something other than Netflix and Chill.

You can start light with a drink at one of many bars then work your way over to the seminar room and have a total stranger start that oral sex conversation you’ve always wanted have but never took the time.

Then, with your liquid courage and newfound knowledge, you’re ready for some culture in the erotic art area. You’ve always wanted to get body painted, and it’s your second glass of white, so maybe you and your partner can do it together… (Yes you can!)


Culture, check. Knowledge, check. Buzz, also check. Now that you have basic idea of what the show is all about, we know you want to know EXACTLY what will be going down and what you can do, so we’ll tell you:


1. Get inspired by perfectly sculpted bodies at the Men of Steel show on the Main Stage.

2. Improve your oral sex skills in the Seminar Room.

3. Dive into the world of BDSM by learning proper spanking techniques in the Kink Corner Playroom.

4. Settle an argument with your bae with free archery-based couples therapy.

5. Watch burlesque, or BE burlesque in the Monde Osé Booth.

6. Work up an appetite and try one of the food trucks for deliciously sexy snack.

7. Totally stare without it being rude at the body casting, body painting, and performance art in the Erotic Art Area.

8. Be the envy of all your friends by picking out a super sexy new Halloween Costume.

9. Be mesmerized by the erotic circus performance on the main stage.

The Everything To Do With Sex Show is a totally unique event that everyone should experience at least once, and it's for couples and singles alike, so grab your s/o, your besties, and anyone else who isn’t afraid to spice up their love life! Tickets run at only $20 for an all day pass, or if you’re planning on going for the entire weekend, get the weekend pass for only 5$ more at 25$!

For tickets and info on The Everything To Do With Sex Show, click here!