In Canada, there are two topics of discussion that dominate on a daily basis - the weather and transit. The latter of the two, in particular, is always a heated subject in Toronto. Many commuters complain about the high costs of fare and often unreliable service in the city.

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But how do Toronto's transit fares compare to those of other major cities in the country? Here are the costs of a monthly pass for transit across Canada:

Note: Statistics were extracted from

  • Vancouver, BC = $91/month
  • Victoria, BC = $85/month
  • Edmonton, AB $90/month
  • Calgary, AB $99/month
  • Saskatoon, SK = $81/month
  • Regina, SK = $84/month
  • Winnipeg, MB = $88/month
  • Ottawa, ON = $103/month
  • Toronto, ON $141/month
  • Quebec City, QC = $84/month
  • Montreal, QC = $82/month
  • St. Johns, NFL = $70/month
  • Moncton, NB = $62/month
  • Halifax, NS $78/month

Of course, different cities have varying population densities and infrastructures. But after this comparison, Toronto is clearly in the lead with regards to having the highest transit costs. What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment below!

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