Everyone loves to complain about the cost of their electricity bills - which is fair because if you live in Ontario it's probably pretty high. 

Yesterday Doug Ford did what he promised to do, and forced out the head of Hydro One. Mayo Schmidt and all of its board members have taken a hike as part of Ford's plan to cut electricity costs for Ontarians.

Ford has a very specific idea of exactly how much he’d like to bring down the cost for the average person living in the province. 

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Ford wants to drive down the average cost for Ontarians by 12%.

By pushing Schmidt and the rest of the board out it paves the way for him to start turning that goal into a reality, Ford said. 

"As sure as I'm standing here, those bills are going to come down 12 per cent," Ford said.  

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The previous Liberal government partially privatized Hydro One back in 2015, which led to electricity costs going up across the province outraging may voters who turned their backs on the Liberals in favour of the PCs in the recent election. 

Ford says he is hoping to be able to bring a change in prices for all Ontarians in the next 4 years.

"We're going to give relief to the people of Ontario," he said. 

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When it comes to offering any real specific details for how he’s going to bring rates down though Ford has yet to offer any concrete solutions to the problem.  

But at least we all know exactly what he wants to achieve with his time in office. 

Source: CBC