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Here's How To Find Ontario's Breathtaking Natural 'Bathtub'

An adventure in Lake Superior.

One of Ontario's coolest hidden gems is a secluded oasis off the coast of Lake Superior that takes the form of a natural 'bathtub.'

Known as Bathtub Island, the basin-shaped landform fills up with freshwater during tidal periods and turns into a giant bathtub that's perfect for taking a dip in. The site is located a few hours north of Sault Ste. Marie and is somewhat of a local secret among the residents, offering a unique bathing experience in the summer months.

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Because the pool of water in the 'bathtub'  is relatively shallow, it is able to heat up more quickly and efficiently than surrounding lake water, making it the perfect place for a warm swim.

Many people like to float their troubles away on the water, or lay out on the large, bordering rocks and bask in the sunshine.

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Getting to Bathtub Island can be a little tricky — it's a 15 minute walk from Katherine Cove, which is conveniently located right off Hwy 17. The access point to Bathtub Island is just a half kilometre south of the turnoff for Katherine Cove.

A short walk along the forested path will lead you to a beach where you'll be able to see Bathtub Island a short distance away:

Those visiting Bathtub Island should make sure to be mindful of the environment, as the site represents one of the most pristine and untouched spots in the province.