Reading week is fast approaching, and if you haven't planned yourself a cheap getaway, you probably are pretty stumped about what you can do (and afford). Luckily though, you don't have to travel too far or at all to have a good reading week if it isn't in the cards for you this semester.

So whether you want to take a day trip outside of the Toronto or entertain yourself in the city, you have plenty of options that aren't staying in and studying! 

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Devils Punchbowl // Hamilton 

Hamilton is known for having some pretty amazing sights, especially during the Fall. So if you are a hiking buff or even just a beginner, making the trip to Hamilton is definitely a good idea considering they arguably have the best sights of Fall foliage the GTA has to offer!

Travel time: 1 hr

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Tews Falls // Dundas

No, we aren't talking about Dundas St! This small town hosts a couple of gorgeous falls but the Tews Falls definitely take the cake! Add this spot to your list if you want the ultimate Fall experience this reading week.

Travel time: 1 hr away

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Prudhommes Landing // Lincoln 

Prudhommes Landing is definitely a spot for explorers. Whether you want to just look at the ship or even try to get up close and explore (if you dare), you definitely will

Travel time: 1 hr 10 min

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St Jacob's Market

If you want to go to a farmer's market and check out a quaint town, St Jacob's is the spot to be! From fresh product and treats to other finds, anything and everything can be found at the market. Plus, once you're done at the market you can explore the charming surrounding town this Fall!

Travel time: 1 hr 20 min



After around a month in school, you might be feeling overwhelmed already, and what better way to relax and de-stress than to go on a wine tour?! Plus Niagara-on-the-lake is gorgeous in the Fall so the views are worth the trip themselves!

Travel time: 1 hr 38 min

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Port Dover 

If you want to squeeze in that last bit of Summer-ish weather before it starts to get really cold, then definitely consider heading to Port Dover this reading week. It makes for the perfect road trip with your friends!

Travel time: 1 hr 45 min

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Warsaw Caves // Warsaw 

The Warsaw Caves are an explorer's dream, especially during the Fall. With all the leaves changing, the gorgeous spot looks even more inviting, even if you aren't an experienced hiker!

Travel time: 1 hr 58 min

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Activities in the city 

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Toronto After Dark film festival (October 12th-20th).

Who doesn't love a good scary movie?! Especially during Halloween season! The event will be hosting at the AGO this year and promises to bring some hair raising flicks, so make sure to grab your tickets!

Going on a haunted house hunt. 

If you are a horror-buff, you should consider going on a makeshift haunted house hunt around the city. Whether you choose to visit some or all, it's the perfect way to ring in the Halloween-season and go on a mini-adventure this reading week!

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Going to the Harry Potter Toronto Symphony Orchestra Show (October 12th-14th).

Who doesn't love Harry Potter, and what better way to enjoy it than hearing the music in the movie played out live as the movie gets played on the big screen?! This experience happened earlier this year for the Philosopher's Stone and now is back for another round due to popular demand- so grab your tickets fast!

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Checking out the Cask Days beer festival (October 20th-22nd). 

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Food Spots 

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Williams Landing // 120 Lynn Williams St 

If you are looking for a staple bar spot with a solid menu, Williams Landing is perfect. They've got everything from dressed up salads to a great range of tacos so the menu and ambiance are sure to please all of the friends you bring!

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Morals Village Hot Pot //436 Dundas St W 

Colder weather is here, and with it comes the annual hot pot craze. If you are looking for a way to warm up this reading week but want to also have a fun night out with your friends- this is the place to go to eat!

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Old School // 800 Dundas St W 

Brunch is the best in the city, but between work and school it can sometimes be hard to arrange a date and time for all of your friends to enjoy some blueberry pancakes from Old School. Luckily, reading week leaves your mornings and early afternoons open to eat as many gram-worthy pancakes as you'd like!

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Fancy Franks // 453 Queen St W 

Who doesn't love a good hot dog? Fancy Franks does hot dogs like no other in the city, whether you choose to get one of their signature loaded franks or customize your own, make sure to get their home made donuts to finish off the meal!

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SU & BU // 106 John St 

If you haven't tried this trendy dish already, reading week is the perfect opportunity to! Whether you want to try the sushi burger, burrito or just enjoy a poké bowl, SU & BU has it all!