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Here's How Toronto's Current Gun Crime Rate Compares To Last Year

Toronto's gun crime numbers aren't good.

Gun violence in the city of Toronto is top of mind for many after the shocking mass shooting that happened in Greektown Sunday night that left 2 people dead and many injured. 

It’s the latest in a number of high profile shootings that have taken place this year and it has people questioning when did things get so bad for gun violence in the city. 

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And according to police data people are right to be questioning why it seems there’s a rise in the number of shootings. 

At the end of July of 2017 there had been a total of 220 separate shooting occurrences, this year there have been a total of 228 incidents of gunfire so far. 

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So far 23 people have been killed by guns in the city this year.

Last year there was a total of 39 people for the entire year according to police data.

Toronto is currently on pace to have its biggest year for gun violence ever. 2005 is the year that many remember as “the year of the gun” when 53 people were fatally shot and 359 were injured. 

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So far May has been the city’s worst month for gun crime for the year, with 55 different incidents where gunfire has been reported.

That’s higher than any month for all of 2017 when the record was 45 in November.

Some police divisions in the city seem to be on call for gun crime more than others, 23 and 31 division led the way last year, getting called out for 46 and 68 separate incidents of gunfire last year. 

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Those 2 divisions are leading the way again with 23 division having responded to 27 incidents, and 31 division responded 36 times. 

So if you think that gun violence is becoming more common in the city compared to last year, well you would be right.