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Here's How You Can Get Tickets To The Toronto Infinity Mirrors Exhibit If You Have A Shitty Spot In Line Right Now

If you weren't aware, half of the city is currently waiting in an insanely long line for none other than an art exhibit at the AGO. You've probably never heard of an exhibit getting as much attention as this one, but Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrors isn't your typical run of the mill exhibit, just look at these photos!

If you aren't already in line, you are probably searching the AGO's website right now to snag tickets. Unfortunately, whether you are trying just now or got on right when tickets went on sale for the second day this week at 10AM, you were probably greeted with this:

Via Mia Shabsove

No, that's not a typo, many people are behind a whopping 24,000 other Torontonians looking to check out the exhibit and that's just people who got onto the site right at 10 AM! Others who got on the site later are now waiting behind 40,000 other hopefuls! Though you are in luck if you either are not down to try your chances in line or are predicting you'll have a similar fate tomorrow on the last day of ticket sales. It turns out tons of people who bought tickets yesterday are already selling them on Kijiji, and some of them aren't marked up that high! (Though there definitely are some featuring ridiculous prices.)

Via Kijiji.caVia

While as of now there are only a few listings, keep in mind that these are from the first day of sales alone. The listings will definitely spike after general sale officially ends tomorrow night, as well as closer to the date. Especially considering it's inevitable that people buying tickets for an event so far in advance may not end up being able to go. So while you definitely should still try your luck today and tomorrow in the general line up on the AGO's website here, at least there's some comfort in knowing there is a backup plan if you don't get lucky!

Update: The AGO team would like to state that they are the only authorized seller of tickets, and tickets are also non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be re-sold. Therefore, any unauthorized purchase may prevent admittance to the exhibition. All other purchases will be done at the buyers own risk.

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