Uber is no doubt the greatest thing that's happened to us since sliced bread.

Anyone who has been fortunate to use the service, already knows that Uber is incomparable when it comes to transportation in the city with it's affordable rates, reliable vehicles, the ability to hook up to your Spotify, and endless other perks that drivers provide on their own behalf.

Ultimately, Uber has developed a ride-share program that gives the residents of Toronto more options, creates jobs, and supports innovation. 

Yet, it seems not everyone is happy. 

Over the past months, we've heard rumors of possible fines if using Uber or even the total restriction of the app all together. In order to stop the disappearance of Uber from the Toronto streets, City Council is set to vote on proposed regulations in favor of smart ride-sharing on September 30th. 

Uber is looking for 30,000 signatures on their petition letter, that will send a clear message to the city councilors that ride-sharing is an important service that Torontonians simply can't live without. If it ends in a "no vote", then Uber may be gone from the streets of Toronto...

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