Here's The Type Of Girlfriend You Are Based On Your Food Choice

So cheesy.
Here's The Type Of Girlfriend You Are Based On Your Food Choice

Bae most definitely has a particular type of food she craves once in a while, which surprisingly can say a lot about her. Does she have a sweet tooth or is she more on the sour side? Would she rather have pizza or pasta? Your gf's taste buds can actually speak for themselves.

What does she reach for at the table first? Here's a list of different types of food that perhaps may give you some hints about her:

1. Pizza

A super laid back chick that is a fan of Netflix & Chilling.

2. Anything Spicy

Here's the Goddess of the bedroom.

3. Strawberries

An introvert, tolerant and devoted female.

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4. Chocolate

A passionate lady who loves intimate kisses; she can be a little bit crazy though.

5. Burgers and fries.

She will push your limits.

6. Marshmallows

She's daring, outdoorsy, adventurous and always down to explore new things.

7. Oysters

She's a freak in the sheets.

8. Caviar (+ some bubbles)

High maintenance written all over.

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9. Granola and everything protein.

She will always support you.

10. Pasta

She'll take a bullet for you; family is everything.

11. Cake

Caring and very fragile.

12. Sour Keys

She's sweet but she'll make you work for it.

13. Cheese

The ultimate cuddler and comforter.