Toronto has a crazy amount of ice cream spots across the city, and it can sometimes seem nearly impossible to visit them all in your lifetime! From ice cream and gelato to ice cream rolls, there is something for everyone

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So cool off from this hot weather by stopping at one of these spots on the map, or make a day out of it and visit as many as you can! 

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Sweet Jesus // 160 John St 

Sweet Jesus is a staple if you love soft serve. They're known for their crazy toppings and massive servings so get your camera ready for the inevitable Insta post and arrive with an empty stomach!

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Sweet Olenka's // 225 Augusta Ave

The Sweet Olenka's chain is a classic and has some great options if you want variety. Not only do they offer cakes, ice cream scoops and ice cream bars, but they've also got vegan options!

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Bang Bang Ice Cream // 93 Ossington Ave 

If this waffle cone hasn't appeared in your Instagram explore page in the past Summer or two, I'm concerned. This spot is wildly popular for good reason, the ice cream is amazing and the waffle cones are just as good! They've also got some really unique flavours like London Fog and and Totaro so head over and try it for yourself!

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Hollywood Cone Toronto // 1167 Queen St W 

Hollywood Cone is definitely more on the extravagant side of things when it comes to ice cream. They offer everything under the sun when it comes to ice cream and toppings so check out their Toronto location and see if you can finish it all!

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Arctic Bites // 21 Baldwin St 

Arctic Bites was the first store in the city to start serving Thai inspired ice cream rolls and has been wildly popular ever since. Apart from the unique flavours and style of the ice cream itself, you also get to watch the whole process!

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Momofuku Milk Bar // 190 University Ave 

Another instafamous Toronto ice cream! While soft serve is the centre of attention they also offer truffles, cookies and pies if you need a break from all this ice cream. If not they're soft serve is incredible.

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Booyah // 16 Vaughan Rd.

Booyah ice cream is the home of some pretty crazy ice cream concoctions. From ice cream stuffed cinnamon rolls and ice cream cookie sandwiches, to ice cream tacos the spot is always coming up with new stuff!

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La Diperie // 372 Danforth Ave

The Toronto location of this Montreal based ice cream spot features ginger and oreo dip flavours as well as other crazy toppings! So if you are looking to add some more soft serve to your life, check this spot out!

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The Red Bench // 611 Yonge St

The Red Bench is a staple if you are craving an ice cream sandwich! The spot features a made-to-order cookie station where you can build your own ice cream cookie sandwiches fresh! Though the spot is currently in the process of relocating so keep your eyes peeled for their new location!

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Fugo // 205 Dundas St W 

Fugo is home to a wide range of ice cream oriented options! From the crazy milkshakes topped with churros shown above to cookie monster inspired ice cream cones, the spot will definitely show you a new spin on the classic dessert!

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Grinning Face // 540 Parliament St

Grinning Face is a great non dairy option whether you can't have dairy or can! The home made gelato is made from scratch and features tons of flavours as well as vegan options!

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Bar Ape // 283 Rushton Rd 

This ice cream stand specializes in Italian gelato bars with staple flavours as well as daily features as unique as lemon sage or red currant! The spot also features delicious soft serve and hard packed ice cream sundaes!