Here's What Doug Ford Winning The PC Election Means For Canada

So over the weekend while most of us were scrambling to figure out if what time it actually was (daylight savings struggles), Doug Ford was elected as leader of the Progressive Conservative party of of Ontario. It all came after a hasty campaign following the resignation of Patrick Brown following allegations of sexual misconduct.   

Ford is a former Toronto Ward 2 city counsellor and older brother of the late mayor Rob Ford, who is most famous for admitting to have smoked crack while in office. 

Ford's win this weekend has wide ranging implications not just for the province of Ontario, but for Canada as well.  

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Ford, for instance, has said he will scrap the carbon tax in Ontario, which is something prime minister Justin Trudeau is very passionate about. Trudeau has previously said that if provinces do not submit their own plan for a carbon tax by September of this year, the government will step in and impose one in 2019.   

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Ford is also seen a populist, a term most associated with Donald Trump these days. Ford, like Trump, has talked about getting the party back in touch with the grassroots of its supporters and to take down what he calls the elites in the party. 

If elected premiere of Ontario later this year Ford could also play a part in the next federal election. Being Premier would give him a serious platform to help support federal conservative leader Andrew Scheer when he takes on Trudeau.   

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There's no knowing if Ford will win the provincial election this year, but if he does be prepared to hear him take a stand on issues not just facing the province. but all of Canada as well. 

Source: CBC