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Here's What Happens When You Reply To Guys On Tinder With Drake Lyrics

Tinder conversations are pretty dull 90% of the time. "Hey", "you're cute", and variations of the two are pretty much all you get from Tinder guys (in Toronto, at least). We decided to do a little social experiment, using Drake's poetic lyrics to message and respond to guys.

Some guys actually recognized the songs and had a little fun with it, while others were pretty clueless and weren't into it at all. If you're ever stuck on how to start conversations with dudes on the app, spit out some Drake lyrics and maybe you'll get a little romance out of it.

1. This guy didn't think our offer was good enough.

2. This guy solved the mystery with the magical powers of the internet.

3. This guy wanted us to acknowledge his flattery, but all he got were cheesy pick up lines. He wasn't into it.

4. This guy was smoother than paper, and totally into it.

5. This guy thought we were breaking up with him and he couldn't find the right words to say, so he used an emoji to express his sadness.

6. This guy was completely into it, even to the extent of roleplaying the perfect woman.

7. This guy just didn't get it.

8. This guy was totally feeling it and didn't want it to stop.

9. This guy turned deep. He was totally into it.

10. This guy took it to a whole other level.

11. This guy insulted our pick up skills and tried to make up for it.

12. This guy wasn't too keen on not hurting our feelings.

13. This guy was getting into it, and we don't know where ended up going.

14. This guy is all about personality.

15. This guy knew what game we were playing.

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