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Here's What The Legalized Cannabis Stores Will Look Like In Ontario

The Ontario Cannabis Store will be the only legal recreational seller of marijuana in the province.
Here's What The Legalized Cannabis Stores Will Look Like In Ontario

While many Canadians celebrated cannabis becoming legalized in the fall of 2018, it has others wondering how access to marijuana will be implemented. Yet due to the taboo nature of pot, some find it concerning how easy it will be to get ahold of.

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After Bill C-45 was passed last week, it was finalized that recreational cannabis will be available to Canadians in October. Some dispensaries have already been operating through loopholes in major cities but now legalized Ontario Cannabis Store's will be popping up all over the province. 

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Ontario Cannabis Stores are going to be the only legal distributor of recreational cannabis in Ontario, meaning that other retailers will likely still need to be shut down before the legalization date of October 17. 

The focus will not be on the product itself but instead will be focusing on knowledge of how the product affects the person purchasing it. This means that the typical idea of displaying marijuana in big glass jars will not be the reality of the stores. 

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Instead, the stores will be operating through Shopify both in brick and mortar stores and online. This is because the platform is known for accessibility across various technologies, like mobile and online.

The Ontario Cannabis Store website says that Shopify will be supplying the technology to power screens in their physical stores to give information about products and health guidelines following the federal standard. Like other dispensaries, the point of sale for the shops will be iPad based. 

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The reason there will be an emphasis on knowledge of product comes from the worry that marijuana will get into the hands of people under 19, who are not legally allowed to consume recreational cannabis. Unlike the LCBO, those under the legal age will not even be allowed entry into the sites. 

Basically, the reality of these stores means that Canadians looking to buy weed will have to know what they want and select it with a store worker. No products will be kept in the eye line of anyone who comes into the store and packaging will be pretty bland too. 

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Because of Shopify's role in Ontario Cannabis stores Canadians will also be lucky enough to have at home delivery options. Considering there will only be 40 stores in Ontario, that may just be easier. 

Source: Ontario Cannabis Store 

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