Here's When It's Actually Going To Start Feeling Like Spring In Toronto Since Everyone Is Sick Of This Weather

This winter feels like it’s dragging on FOREVER doesn’t it? It may be officially spring according to the calendar but it sure doesn’t’ feel like it.

Like we’re now past the Easter long weekend and well into April and we’re still all wearing hats, coats, gloves and scarves.

It’s completely understandable if you think that this is just how things are now and that we’ll never ever get to take all those extra layers off.

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But do not worry. Things are going to improve weather-wise very very soon in the city and we can all just forget that this winter ever happened after that.  

How soon? This week. Specifically this Thursday.

Well how warm is it going to be you ask? The answer is a whopping 15 degrees celsius! YES THAT’S RIGHT! 15 DEGREES!

We will actually feel warm for the first time since… since… when was the last time it was warm again? Maybe September of last year?  

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Now of course there’s a little catch here, which is that there are also supposed to be periods of rain on Thursday - BUT WHO CARES!?  

15 degrees is totally worth it right now! Bring on the rain, we’ll go dance in it because it’s better than freezing to death half the time!

So if you’re looking for a chance to enjoy a taste of real spring weather in the city you won’t be waiting long. 

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Source: Environment Canada