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Here's Where You Can Get Poutine Pizza In Toronto So You Can Die Happy

Heaven is a place on earth...and it's this place
Here's Where You Can Get Poutine Pizza In Toronto So You Can Die Happy

Okay, so we've all at one point eaten some questionable things. Whether it be the world's greasiest burger, or outrageous milkshake that puts all other milkshakes to shame, sometimes we all just have to pig out.

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Enter poutine-pizza: The ultimate junk food hybrid.

While we've seen posts all over the Internet about this magical food, but perhaps some of us have been having a tough time finding where exactly to get it in let us tell you: Mr. Mike's Pizza and Italian Restaurant located at 269 Morningside Ave in Scarborough with give you your poutine pizza fix!

It's a family owned spot managed by Mr. Mike himself. It's primarily a take-out and delivery place, so look past the no-frills decor, because this za is WORTH IT. (pssst. the pizza's are also super well priced, averaging at about $10):

Mr. Mike takes his pizza shop one step further with offering a variety of wings with fun flavours like tandoori and jerk. If you want to try both the poutine pizza and the delicious chicken, mix the two like the pizza below:

Not sure if you want an ENTIRE fries, gravy, and cheese curds pizza? Well you can also do half and half pizzas for those of you who need variety.

Mr. Mike's also has amped up poutines like the Philly cheesesteak poutine,  covered in cheese, onions and steak. YUM!

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