Shopify, the hugely successful Canadian e-commerce company and computer software platform, is expanding its Waterloo office next year in a huge way. 

The office located in uptown Waterloo has announced that it will be hiring between hundreds of employees beginning next year. Shopify execs claim that the company has grown faster than anticipated and they will now be expanding their offices, both in building size and number of employees by next year. 

With offices in Ottawa and Montreal, the company is looking to add another huge location in Toronto, Shopify is seeking to hire between 300 and 500 new employees over the next few years according to Loren Padelford, the vice president of Shopify Plus, which is the branch of Shopify. 

According to this VP, Shopify is particularly interested in hiring grads from Waterloo's post-secondary schools like Conestoga College, Laurier, and University of Waterloo, who can offer their fresh talent and experience to the tech company. 

But for people outside of Waterloo interested in upcoming positions with the company, Shopify Plus offers a daily shuttle bus for employees commuting from Toronto and Waterloo, bridging the two cities and connecting the tech community from west to east. 

If you do happen to become one of their next employees, you can expect a beautiful 3-storey office to be your home base. Part of Shopify's goal is to create a workplace that employees will love that boasts both a superior design and plenty of spaces for collaboration and socializing. 

Source: Hamilton Spectator