We're calling this Mission: Im-blossom-ble. Toronto's latest livestream threw up some unexpected drama overnight on May 4. With the High Park cherry blossom cam left on for 24 hours per day at the moment, you can enjoy the blooming trees at any time you like. But if you managed to hop on soon after 1:30 a.m. on Monday morning, you'll have been witness to a dramatic late-night trespassing incident. 

Although the City of Toronto closed down city parks in the name of social distancing, it launched a rolling 24-hour camera for people to enjoy the beautiful pink cherry blossom from their own homes.

The live stream has been on since April 29 and the park remains closed for anyone wanting to enter.

But it looks like a couple of people decided to make an unexpected cameo overnight on Monday, May 4.

At around 1:45 a.m. according to social media users, two people can be seen parking bikes just in front of the camera's view.

They take pictures while posing for the camera and hanging off a cherry blossom tree branch.

The two then try to climb right up into the tree, with mixed success.

"It's calming & magical to see the cherry blossoms in High Park live at night. Incredibly soothing (p.s. I trust this is a cop bike!) Thank you @cityoftoronto, @JohnTory, @ChiefPeggTFS et. al," reads a tweet by a viewer who seemed to figure the bike captured on the stream was of a Toronto Police officer.

However, others quickly dismantled that theory.

"What's happening in high park at 1.45 am? Who are those 2 ppl climbing trees? Doesnt look like cops," reads another tweet.

The late-night tree-climbers sparked something of a frenzy among viewers, judging by social media.

Toronto Police had begun patrolling High Park last week, prior to the city's first warm weekend of May, to ensure that no trespassers head into the park during the closure.

The city might want to think about increasing enforcement, though, after this incident. Particularly if it's wary of copycat climbers trying their luck.

According to Mayor John Tory, these social distancing measures won't disappear immediately after the lockdown is over so keeping your distance will still be a thing for a while.

Or, at least, it should be. But then, this pair didn't seem to care too much about the fences around the sakura trees.

So there you have it. Toronto's cherry blossom live camera is now doubling as a criminal CCTV, whether it intended to or not.