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High Park Cherry Blossom Cam Is Live For Torontonians To View But Not Much Is Blooming

Gloomy is an understatement. As Torontonians are asked to stay indoors and avoid High Park cherry blossom season, the city has set up a 24-hour live stream so those at home can join in on the fun. But despite the spring tradition, the live stream is more gloom than bloom right now.

Normally, lots of Torontonians would be visiting High Park in anticipation of the blooming season, which the city suggests is generally late April to early May.

Or, as it's otherwise known, right now.

This year, things are different.

"This year, as a part of the City’s COVID-19 response, High Park will be closed for public safety reasons during peak bloom. To ensure no one misses the annual bloom, the City is bringing spring indoors," reads a statement on the website.

The live stream will run 24 hours a day and, according to the High Park website, there will be live virtual events where you'll be able to take a virtual walk through the blossoms.

Depending on the weather, of course.

The preparation for the live stream has been discussed for weeks.

Although the city already knew it wouldn't be quite the same as seeing them in person, they still made the effort to ensure not everyone has to lose out while social distancing is in place.

But, as an extra precaution, the city has made sure to begin fencing off High Park on April 29 so residents are dissuaded from trying to see them in person and potentially gather in groups. 

Those barriers might come in handy once the weekend arrives.

That's because Toronto is expecting a nice dose of spring weather to welcome in the first weekend of May.

Warm weather seems to increase the temptation to ignore emergency orders or health advice for some people.

Last weekend, bylaw officers were out ticketing people as several complaints came in of people not adhering to social distancing policies.

Although we’re sure everyone is having major FOMO, let's hope this weekend will be much better.

Meanwhile, the cherry blossom is in full swing in other parts of Canada.

For example, it seems like it’s raining pink petals all over Vancouver neighbourhoods and it’s just too pretty.

Anyway, it's only day one of the Toronto stream, so while things might not exactly be pretty in pink just yet, there's plenty of time.

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