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High Park Is Hosting Haunted Ghost Walks After Dark Next Month

Do you believe in ghosts?
High Park Is Hosting Haunted Ghost Walks After Dark Next Month

The time is almost here, Halloween is quickly approaching and with that comes all creepy crawlies waiting in the shadows. If you're looking for a real scare this season, don't go see the newest horror movie, instead head down to High Park to experience a real haunted evening! 

Every year High Park hosts an event called Haunted High Park that will take you on a tour of this surprisingly spooky park after dark. The High Park grounds are allegedly haunted and are home to many ghosts that suffered terrible ends. Ghosts of drowned soldiers, a bloody phantom horseman, and even a creepy man in black are said to roam the park at night. 

If you're feeling brave, we dare you to head over to the park this fall and see if these eerie legends are true for yourself. The Haunted High Park tour will begin at Colborne Lodge which is said to be extremely haunted. Here the creepy stories will start and after they'll continue on throughout the park telling you all about this city's eerie and disturbing past. 

The event will begin on October 13th and run until October 28th this year. You'll explore these haunted grounds for 2 hours from 7-pm after it is thoroughly pitch black. The guide will have a single lantern to take you through the grounds. 

During this tour they'll even perform a Victorian-era seance! The cost of this event will be $32.50 and tickets should be bought in advance because they usually sell out very quickly. 

Check out the High Parkwebsite for more information and to buy advance tickets! 

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