The PC government in Ontario recently unveiled major policy changes that would affect all public school classrooms across the province. Students are now taking action and protesting the changes, such as the increasing Ontario classroom sizes, with another walkout. The protest is province-wide and will take place next month in April. 

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Several policy changes have been announced by the provincial government lately. For instance, less than one week ago, Ontario Education Minister Lisa Thompson announced that classroom sizes in both Ontario high schools and elementary schools would be increasing. This move will also likely lead to teacher job cuts.

Not only this but another change the provincial government announced is that cellphones would be banned from classrooms, with the restriction effective starting this upcoming 2019/20 school year. 

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In light of these new policy changes, a new movement among Ontario high school and elementary students has started called #StudentsSayNo. Their first post on Instagram was just two days ago on Tuesday, March 19, and since then, the movement has definitely gained traction. The Instagram page for the #StudentsSayNo movement already has over 6,500 followers.  

Check out the poster they released for the province-wide walkout below that was posted on their Instagram! 

@studentssaynoembedded via  

"They ask for student voice to look good for their voters, but when we speak they don’t listen," read the Instagram caption. "Let’s MAKE them listen by walking out of our schools at 1:15 pm on April 4th in protest of recent changes to our education made by the Ontario government. Let’s take back our education."

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The Instagram post with the poster of the walkout has gone viral. It has garnered over 22,000 likes, as well as over 1,600 comments since it was posted just two days ago. 

The high school and elementary school students may have taken inspiration from Ontario university students, who have been recently fighting against the provincial government's OSAP changes with massive walkouts and street protests

Rally at York University has turned into a sit in at Vari Hall#wethestudents #cfsfcee #onpoli #onpse @YFSlocal68@YUGSA84

March 20, 2019

People on Reddit Toronto have also been praising the students for taking action. Check out what they had to say!

Via Screenshot | Reddit Toronto

Via Screenshot | Reddit Toronto

Via Screenshot | Reddit Toronto

Via Screenshot | Reddit Toronto

Via Screenshot | Reddit Toronto

The province-wide walkout is planned for April 4th at 1:15 PM. To find out more about #StudentsSayNo, you can visit their Instagram

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