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Highway 401 Truck Video Driver Told OPP He Didn't Even Know He Hit A Car

The driver in Monday's circulating highway 401 truck video has been identified and is sharing their side of the story after they were recorded pushing a car down the road. According to the OPP, the man said that he had no idea he had actually hit the vehicle that he was pushing in front of him. Police have not released the name of the truck driver, but they have spoken to him and are currently investigating the situation. OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt addressed the issue on his Twitter account this morning after a video surfaced on Monday morning. 

In the video, the large yellow truck can be seen pushing a much smaller Honda Civic sedan out of his lane and onto the shoulder of the highway, and then into the guardrail.

Schmidt states that the OPP has spoken to both drivers, a male and a female. Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the incident and the police were quick to find the drivers of the vehicles after the video surfaced online.

“The driver of that truck claims he didn’t see what was happening in front of him as he was changing lanes and ended up pushing that car off to the shoulder. That still has yet to be determined,” Schmidt said.

The incident happened on Highway 401 between Bayview and Yonge, according to CP24.  

According to OPP Const. Taylor Konkle, other passing drivers signalled to the truck to pull over, which he did, 680 News reports. 

“He told OPP that he was not aware that he had struck the car.  He thought something had struck his tire. Passing motorists had signalled him about the car. He pulled over and stayed at the scene,” Konkle said.

So far, no charges have been laid. Officers are currently looking for any other footage that may be available in order to understand what led up to the crash. 

"Anyone with always asked to call the police and identify what they have witnessed because that could be a crucial piece of evidence that we're looking for," Schmidt said in a video on Twitter

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