Skip the gym and workout outdoors instead! Just a short 40-minute drive from Toronto, there is a serene 4.2 km trail through a breathtaking forest. This hiking trail near Toronto that will have you climbing 99 steps provides an excellent workout.

The Thornton Bales Conservation Area Loop Trail in Newmarket, Ontario is a hidden gem you need to discover. It is a 4.2-km loop trail nicknamed "The 99 Steps" because of the number of stairs on the trail.

The 99 Steps provides a moderate challenge, as you'll be climbing tons of stairs. So make sure to wear comfortable running shoes and bring a water bottle. The Thornton Bales Conservation Area website strongly recommends the hiking path for those in "good physical condition and enjoys a challenge."

Instead of being stuck indoors, you can enjoy some cardio on the Thornton Bales Conservation Area Loop Trail. To give you an idea of how steep the climb is to the top of the trail - it is a greater change in elevation than the drop over Niagara Falls! So be ready for a fantastic workout!

The stunning path will take you through several acres of lush woodland and wetlands. Hiking under the canopy of trees, you'll see plenty of beautiful wildflowers, birds, and if you are lucky, white-tailed deer.

Ready to try hiking this trail? Invite a friend to join you in climbing this hiking path to see if there really are 99 steps.

The hiking trail is available daily from dawn until dusk. There is parking available for the Thornton Bales Conservation Area Loop Trail on the 19th Sideroad. 

The 99 Steps (Thornton Bales Conservation Area Loop Trail)

Price: Free

Address: Mulock Sideroad, 3 km west of Highway 11 (Yonge Street), Newmarket​​

When: Daily from dawn to dusk

Why you need to go: This incredible hiking trail provides a fantastic workout as you climb 99 steps through a lush forest!