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12 Hilarious Conversations Every Pair Of Drunk BFFs Have

"OMG you're SO pretty"
12 Hilarious Conversations Every Pair Of Drunk BFFs Have

GNO's are something every pair of BFFs look forward to. They are nights to be remembered (if you can) and come with a series of events that take place almost every time. One being similar conversations.

There's something about a dim-lit bar, loud music and drinks, that makes girls say and do the same things every time they go out. Here is a list of conversations you have probably had more than once with one of your BFFs on a night out:

1. "OMG you're so pretty"

The excessive complimentary conversation is inevitable. For some reason, BFFs always feel the need to tell each other how pretty they are after a few too many. No need to stop, the extra admiration gives girls an irresistible air of confidence afterwards. ?

2. "He's with another girl"

Not every girl is going to have their ideal night when the squad hits the bar. Sometimes, one of your friends (or you) will notice that the guy they have been after is more interested in someone else. At this point, it is the BFF's job to resort to the "OMG you're so pretty" conversation to deter from the tears that are about to take place. ?

3. "Do I look skinny?"

A lot of girls will feel the need to pick at themselves during their mandatory bathroom check that occurs as soon as the squad arrives. This is where they usually question if their outfit choice was too bold, too tight, too slutty, or just trying too hard in general. The BFF always responds with an "OF COURSE". Depending on the type of person they are, this is either because A: they actually think their BFF has a rockin' bod, or B: they are willing to say anything to speed up the process and hit the dance floor. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL STOP PICKING AT YOURSELVES LADIES. ?

4. "Have you studied at all? Because I haven't"

Almost everyone feels the random wave of anxiety that comes over you at the bar when you know there is a test you should be studying for instead. When a girl asks the question above, they are looking for a response that assures them that they will not be alone in the insane cramming session that is going to be necessary in order to achieve a passing grade the next day. This is usually followed by a few shots to forget about the fact that they are being completely irresponsible. ?

5. "Her outfit is so pretty"

Girls are constantly analyzing other girls. Whether they admit it or not, they are always scanning the crowd for girls that will make them feel better about themselves, and also girls that they aspire to be. It's like getting quick tips from just looking at someone. If they see something they wish they had, they are guaranteed to mention it to their BFF to see if they mutually agree. ?

6. "He's so creepy"

When getting hit on, girls will never hesitate to tell their BFF about the guy pursuing them. If they are cute they will brag, but in the event that he's a creepy-stalker-type, they are SURE to converse on how on earth they are going to manage to loser him in the bar. ?

7. "Lets find someone to buy us drinks"

This is probably the reason the above conversation takes place^. Girls are determined to find guys that are willing to spill coin on some drinks in hopes that they will get something out of it. Girls know this. Girls are thrifty. Girls will capitalize on this and most likely do so without anything in return. ???

8. "Let's just dance"

Girls love the bar for many reasons, one very important reason being the dancing. If they are having a great night, they will dance. If something crappy happens, then one will for sure pipe up with an "okay girls lets forget this(him) and just dance". ?

9. "OMG they are SO cute together"

When a cute and happy couple enter the bar, girls swoon. They proceed to question why they can't have a committed boy that will join them for their fun nights out and cuddle afterwards. The pair of BFFs will take a moment to appreciate the rare sighting. ?

10. "Remember that one time..."

Our GNOs are special nights full of fond memories. Since girls generally like to hit up their fave spots over and over again, many things will remind them of previous nights they shared together. They are bound to reminisce on hilarious and fun moments that went down in the past. ?

11. "Should I text him?"

When one BFF is interested in a guy that is not present at the bar, the question as to whether or not they should text him will eventually come up. The BFF will almost always say no. However, this never stops them from sending something they will either really regret or really really regret the morning after. ?

12. "I love you guys"

When girls have gotten enough liquor in the system, they take a moment to appreciate the BFFs they have. Usually happening on the dance floor or at the end of the night, the love for each other will be declared. #girlpower ?‍❤️‍?

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