This fall, you can take part in a race with your favourite doggo all while helping to raise money for girls in sport. Just Like A Girl is welcoming runners to partake in the first Hooman and Pups Run Toronto in October. So, grab your pup and your running shoes and get ready!

Just Like A Girl is holding its first annual Hooman and Pups Run to help fundraise for the organization. The run is happening on October 5 at Rouge Beach Park in Scarborough. You can choose to run either 1 kilometre, 3 km, or 5 km. 

The race costs $20 for students and seniors, or $30 for adults. Both prices will increase by $5 after September 10. But of course, dogs run for free. 

"This whole organization is run by youth and children. Just to make the run more fun for the young people, we thought adding our furry friends was one way to do that," Ranita Dey, race director and marketing manager for Just Like A Girl, told Narcity. 

The organization wants to raise awareness for mental health and promote sports and healthy lifestyles for girls. It's aiming to be a space to help all girls, but especially marginalized girls in the Scarborough area. Just Like A Girl is currently supporting 20 girls to play sports for free. 

The race will have guest speakers like city councillor Jennifer McKelvie and MP Gary Anandasangaree along with an awards ceremony and refreshments.

There will also be no plastic at the event because Just Like A Girl wants to also be environmentally conscious, according to Dey. 

Just Like A Girl was started by Ranita Dey's then 15-year-old daughter, Olivia, after she overcame depression. She experienced bullying, health issues, and depression in elementary school but things changed when she got to high school.

She started playing sports and her family got a dog which significantly helped with her depression and other health issues. The help Olivia got from having a dog is another reason for the inclusion of pups in the race.

"Just Like A Girl aims to help girls with the same kind of background to overcome and become healthy physically and mentally and empowered," said Dey. 

Even if you don't have a dog to race with, you're still welcome to come out and take part in the run. 

You can register for the race here.

Hooman and Pups Run

Price: $20 to $35

When: Saturday, October 5

Address: 195 Rouge Hills Dr, Scarborough, ON, M1C 2Y9

Why You Need To Go: To help support girls' mental health and have fun with your dog!