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NBA Final Tickets To Raptors Games In Toronto Are Much More Expensive Than To Games In California

In case you happen to have thousands of dollars laying around, you could go to a NBA Finals game! However, for some of us, we like to bargain hunt. So how much do NBA Finals tickets to the Toronto Raptors games actually cost? We discovered that it can actually be significantly more expensive to purchase than the Oakland ones. Here’s what you can expect to pay. 

Tickets for the games have been going for an insane amount of money. Recently, someone bought a pair of Raptors tickets for $135,461.11. CAD. You could literally buy a private island or plane for that much money!

Some Raptors finals tickets have been shattering multiple records for how expansive they are. A pair of curtsied seats for Game 7, if it goes that far, are on sale right now for $151,188 CAD. Even tickets in the nose-bleed sections are going for upwards of $900! 

We did a little digging and discovered that it is significantly cheaper to go to the games in Oakland than in Toronto. 

After Game 3 finishes tonight, the Raptors will take on the Golden State Warriors in Oakland, California on June 7, 2019. According to Ticketmaster, there are still tickets available or this game! However, they come at a heavy price. 

According to the Ticketmaster website, tickets for Game 4 in Oakland are at the lowest $685 USD, so about $919.44 CAD. All things considered, it isn’t that steep. Yes, you could travel to Europe with that amount of money, but I guess this is the NBA Finals we are talking about. 

These $685 tickets are in section 205 if the Oracle Arena. Let’s just say, you may be closer to the roof than to the court. Like, a lot closer. 

All things considered, this is still the cheaper option out of everything! Tickets for the Toronto games are way more over the top expensive. 

Game 5 will be played at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto on June 10, 2019. Should you happen to find yourself with some petty cash and time on your hands, you can go to the game for around $1,188 CAD. And yes, that is the cheapest ticket available. 

Again, these tickets are also in the nose bleeds. Section 208S, row 19 to be exact. 

That is a huge difference from the Oakland games! Even after the currency conversion, you are still paying around $1,000 more to watch the game in Toronto! 

The prices we gave you are the cheapest tickets, even though it’s literally half a month's rent. The most expensive tickets for the June 10 game in Toronto are $26,667.60 CAD each. These will get you courtside and, let’s be real, if we had that type of money we would be so down. 

Tickets like these will leave you beside the likes of celebrities and familiar faces like Drake. Not to mention, you won’t get a nose bleed from the elevation. 

Maybe one day we will be able to spend this type of money on tickets. Until then, we can watch the game up close and personal on TV. 

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