How This Toronto Girl Feels About The First 'Magic Mike XXL' Trailer

Spoiler Alert: I drooled on myself
How This Toronto Girl Feels About The First 'Magic Mike XXL' Trailer

It looks like Magic Mike XXL will deliver on its promise to be bigger, better and even less clothed.

Last night, Channing Tatum gave us all a little something to get us through a cold, miserable, Toronto hump day when he posted the first poster for this summers release of the highly anticipated Magic Mike sequel, Magic Mike XXL.

The 34-year-old actor shared the post on his personal Instagram (very strategically placed release date included) along with a caption teasing us with the possibility that the movie's first preview was coming our way and surely, Channing delivered, and he delivered good!

First of all, the trailer is set to Ginuwine's very dirty banger 'My Pony,' so that is already a win, but it isn't long before Tatum is simulating sexy time with some tools and showing off some killer biceps dance moves. Here are some notes I wrote down on a scrap piece of paper when I watched the video for the first time, in the name of journalism, of course.

whoa, this song is fire

Channing looks hella' tanned

Hot biceps

So. Many. Shirtless. Men

So much bumping and/or grinding

Joe Manganiello, that can of pop, Sofia Vergara, lucky woman.

Oops, drooled into my yogurt.

All very articulate. According to Channing's crotch, the film hits theatres on July 1st and Adam Rodriguez (Tito), Kevin Nash (Tarzan), Matt Bomer (Ken), Channing Tatum (Mike), Joe Manganiello (Richie) and Gabriel Iglesias (Tobias) are all back, with Matthew McConaughey sadly missing.

According to director-producer Gregory Jacobs, the sequel is "less dark" than the first and will feature new comers Jada Pinkett Smith, Amber Heard, Michael Strahan and Elizabeth Banks to the storyline. The trailer gives away very little plot-wise but it looks like a road trip will ensue and we don't really care about the plot.

Can we hitch a ride on that road trip? pretty please.