Summer is just around the corner, and there's a good chance you're already bored of all the typical summer activities your friends are talking about. So why not try something totally new? Something like the amazing, historic event that is the Queen's Plate!

Canada's oldest thoroughbred horse race, the Queen's Plate takes place annually at the Woodbine Racetrack, and is basically the perfect excuse to get dressed up and have an awesome time!

Filled with insane fashion, exhilarating horse races, and loads of partying, for many of us, horse races are a totally unexplored avenue of fun that we know nothing about. But don't worry! We're here to tell you what you need to know.

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What is the Queen's Plate? 

The Queen's Plate is an annual horse race that attracts thousands of people from all over to indulge in a day of luxury, excitement, and fun. Place bets on the horses, mix and mingle with glam people, as well as enjoy a variety or food and entertainment.

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Okay great, How do I place bets and win some money? 

Placing bets on horses are definitely a huge part of the Queen's Plate experience, and it's actually super easy to do! Step 1: Pick a horse, Step 2: Pick a type of bet (whether that horse wins – a WIN bet, whether your horse places first or second – a PLACE bet, or whether the horse places second or third – a SHOW bet). When you get to the betting window here's what you need to write:

Racetrack Name:Woodbine
Race Number:Race #1
Bet Amount:$2
Horse Number:#7
Bet Type:Win

Wow! This all sounds awesome? So What should I wear? 

One of the best parts about the Queen's Plate is the posh outfits, and HUGE hats! This is the occasion for over-the-top fashions, bright statement pieces, and summer accessories. Boys, make sure to wear a well-tailored, light summer suit, paired with bright pocket squares and an awesome pair of sunglasses.

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What else can I expect? 

It wouldn't be a party without music! This year the Queen's Plate will be hosting everyone's fave Canadian boys, Hedley, who's new song "Lose Control" is the perfect summer banger. Other musical guests include the great Matthew Good and the hugely popular The Strumbellas.

Sign me up! Where do I buy tickets? 

Tickets range from $15-$60, depending on the seating options (early bird prices). Price goes up on June 16th starting at $22.50. Get your tickets here.

For more info on the Queen's Plate, check out their website and Facebook Event for all the updates.