Human Remains Were Stolen From An Ontario Home In An Unsettling Break And Enter This Week

Police believe the suspect was unaware of the contents before it was taken.
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Human Remains Were Stolen From An Ontario Home In An Unsettling Break And Enter This Week

Hamilton Police responded to a rather unusual call on Wednesday when a family reported a break and enter. Residents in the Barton Street East area contacted police after they discovered that their front door was kicked in and a variety of items were missing from their home. Among these items, Hamilton Police were informed that human remains had been stolen from the home. 

According to a Hamilton Police press release, after arriving on the scene on Barton Street East, they discovered that a black velvet bag that contained the ashes of a deceased relative were missing. Police state that they believe the ashes were mistaken as an item of monetary value before they were taken from the home. They also state that the suspect was probably unaware of the contents within the bag before they took it from the home.  

Of course, the family who owns the ashes is wishing to locate the bag and are stating that they are not interested in pressing charges if the bag is safely returned to them. 

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Sadly enough, this isn't the first time that human remains have been stolen throughout Canada and a variety of other incidents have also taken place within the past few years. 

On Halloween, Hamilton Police responded to another case where human remains were stolen from a car within the Westdale area. The human remains were stolen from a parked vehicle. These remains were originally discovered by an archeologist who was transferring them to a secured facility. 

The box of human remains was eventually located in an abandoned stolen vehicle a week later. The box was intact and was successfully reunited with the archeologist who was able to transfer them safely. 

Another incident of stolen remains also occurred in Newfoundland just last month. A 20-year-old man faced charges after he was discovered with a skeleton in his possession.

The skeleton was believed to be stolen from All Saints Parish Anglican Church and are reportedly linked to an old graveyard on the property. The bones are believed to date back to the 1850s. 

In that case in Newfoundland, the 20-year-old man was arrested charged with possession of stolen skeletal remains.  

While charges for stealing remains have been laid in past cases, the family in the most recent case of stolen remains is not looking to press charges. However, if you have any information about the case you can contact Hamilton Police at 905-546-2921 or call anonymously at 1-800-222-8477. 

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