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I Bought Weed From Toronto’s First Legal Cannabis Store And Here’s What I Thought

I stopped by Toronto's Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. to see if it lives up to the hype.

Today is a historic day in Ontario. The first-ever legal cannabis stores are opening their doors to crowds of eager customers and I was one of them. Toronto’s first legal weed spot, Hunny Pot Cannabis Co., located at 202 Queen Street West, was the place to be in the city today.

I arrived at Hunny Pot around noon today, just a few hours after it opened, and I could tell immediately that I was at the right place. A long line of giddy customers could barely contain their grins as they waited to make history by becoming the city’s first-ever legal weed shoppers.

The line moved pretty quickly and I was able to get into the store after about a 45-minute wait, which isn’t bad when you consider the significance of the occasion.

Oh, and did I mention that an anti-weed protester was hoisting a sign that read “There is no hope in the dope”? Yeah, safe to say he was fighting a losing battle. The disgruntled protestor tried his best to save “our souls” for about 15 minutes before packing up and going home.

Via Patrick John Gilson

Via Patrick John Gilson

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Once inside, I was assigned a “budtender”, a nice lady who essentially became my weed ambassador for the next five minutes as she escorted me around the store, which basically looked and operated like an Apple Store, but you know, with weed in it.

Via Patrick John Gilson

After a few informed questions from my weed-sidekick, I was recommended a strain based on my suggested preference. I told my budtender that I was looking for something that would “help me be creative, but not make me super drowsy”, which was apparently all it took for her to know exactly what I was looking for.

Via Patrick John Gilson

Needless to say, I left the store with some weed - two grams of “Blue Dream” to be exact, for a total of $25.20 CAD. According to my budtender, “Blue Dream” is a Sativa strain which will help you be creative without knocking you unconscious, which I think many of us can appreciate. Price wise, the cannabis sells for about $11.36 CAD per gram on average, and around $37 CAD for a quarter.

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Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. runs like a well-oiled weed machine, and anyone looking for a unique experience with legal cannabis should pop in sometime to see what it’s all about.

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