There are tons of ways to handle break ups. Some include eating your body weight in ice cream, going on drunken benders with your friends, finding a rebound or maybe even doing some yoga to find your inner zen.

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Let's just say I tried all of those. And your girl was still out here sad and feeling like trash. After doing some soul searching (definitely not crying myself to sleep every night) and coming to the conclusion that love is stupid, I decided to stop feeling bad myself and put my energy into a new hobby.

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That hobby became the gym, specifically working on my revenge body so that when I saw my ex again, he would have to bask in my glow up. This is a common action for girls after a breakup, but in all honesty exercise stresses me out and makes me angry so I try to avoid treadmills at all costs. 

If you know me, you know I'm 10/10 the most intense person ever. If I want to do something, I go full the heck out. And this was the perfect occasion to put my obsessive personality to good use. 

So I bought a fitness plan from Emma Troupe. She has super cheap amazing programs that will give you tips on healthy eating, living and working out. Totally worth it. 

So 4 weeks ago I started her plan. And honestly, I probably could have done better. It was only for four weeks, but lest we forget my fear of healthy living. 

My first week at the gym was okay, I was going 4 times a week and not being sad about my ex the whole time I was running on the treadmill (probably cause I was thinking about stepping on his face every step I took). I did almost break my foot once when Frank Ocean came of shuffle causing me to drop a barbell on my foot shattering my confident gym persona and 10 of my toenails. Doesn't everyone get shook listening to Seigfried??? Just me? Nice. 

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I was also eating WAY healthy. My normal diet consists of beer, McDonalds and Thai food so honestly I could probably use some broccoli. The program made it super easy to meal prep which I actually stuck to, except when I wanted to watch Begin Again in my bed at 1am and instead of crying into a tub of ice cream, I'd just munch on carrots. Gross. 

So by week 3 I was just cheesed. do I have abs? Sort of, am I way healthier? You bet. Is my skin glowing (YO listen to your mom that 8 glasses of water thing is REAL and it works) it sure is. Did my co workers have to deal with my sass all month because I was angry and craving carbs? Yes. Sorry guys... 

Is my broken heart fixed? No way in hell. But I actually feel better. And I've come to the conclusion that a broken heart takes time, and you're probably better off drinking 8 glasses of water a day. 

Point is, don't beat yourself up for not being okay. Cause no amount of squats can heal a broken heart. 

Don't let the fuck boy in, but if you do, we all make mistakes. The gym won't fix the mistake but it'll make you feel pretty nice. You should make healthy living a priority for your own well being. That shit is important as hell. 

8/10 would recommend doing a workout plan. Revenge body or not I feel fresh as hell. 

The 2 points are deducted from a perfect 10 due to the lack of Doritos in my life these past 4 weeks.