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I Tried Everything On 3 Brewers New Summer Menu And Here’s What I Thought

The Maui Salad is to die for! 😍

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Sunshine and outdoor fun are, hands down, two of the best parts of summer. But let's not forget that tasty eats and refreshing drinks also get everyone pumped during this season. So, if you're looking for something to get excited about in the food department, you should check out 3 Brewer's all-new summer menu.

I recently visited the microbrewery's Liberty Village location to check out their much-hyped and completely revamped summer menu. Each season, the restaurant pumps out a series of new dishes to reflect what us Torontonians are really craving at the time. Last winter, they served up hot, fresh comfort food just in time for the cold weather. Mouthwatering onion rings with maple beer sauce, avocado burgers, chicken melt sandwiches, and tuna tartare topped with fresh guacamole were just waiting to be tried and loved. This summer, they've unleashed a serious new menu teeming with fresh salads, generously topped thin-crust Flammekueches, icy cocktails, and cold beer, just to name a few. Let's not forget the mouthwatering plant-based burger available on their lunch menu, either!

Of course, I had to try it all out. And, let me tell you, the 3 Brewers menu definitely embodies all the fresh goodness that summer has to offer. 

Let me start off by saying that, once we were seated, it was really hard to narrow down what I was going to order because I wanted it all. In the end, our group of four decided on the Maui Salad, Beef Tartare, two different kinds of Flammekueche, and the massive Summer Feast. I was completely satisfied with my choices, but there was so much more on the menu to try! If I could have put more away, I would have. 

To start, we were brought a complimentary pretzel with cheese sauce which, let me just say, was absolutely phenomenal. I could easily eat one of these every single day for the rest of my life. Soft and doughy on the inside and crisp on the outside, and served extra hot. I'm not usually one for cheese sauce either, and I couldn't get enough! 

While we waited for our next course, I couldn't help but admire the atmosphere. Their massive two-storey location is equipped with large fermentation tanks where the restaurant's beer is brewed on site. In fact, every single step of the brewing process is exposed and viewable just steps from our table. Taps are available both upstairs and down, and ample seating provides plenty of space for sports fans to revel in front of the microbrewery's large TVs. 

Our first course consisted of the Beef Tartare and the much-talked-about Maui Salad. Served with fries, greens, and crostini, the Beef Tartare is made of Canadian AA beef, capers, pickles, shallots, and chives - all finely diced and blended with 3 Brewers' own Dijon mustard sauce. Garnished with fresh sprouts, the beef tartare was a smooth, delightful starter. But the Maui Salad really hit the spot. Ocean Wise-recommended fresh yellowfin tuna, carrots, edamame beans, cucumbers, red peppers, and guacamole sit on a bed of shredded romaine tossed in an Asian vinaigrette in this delicious dish. It's essentially a poke bowl without rice, and not only is it a perfectly light summer salad, it's also very healthy!

Next came what most Torontonians would associate with 3 Brewers (after beer, of course): the Flammekueches. The Flammekueches, or "flamms," are unique to the restaurant and originate from the North of France, the birthplace of 3 Brewers. They're made out of thin dough and come with an array of toppings. We tried the Peppy (topped with a generous amount of cheese and pepperoni) and New Delhi (pulled chicken with butter chicken sauce, a must for fans of fusion food!), but we hear that the Roma and Parma flamms are some of the microbrewery's most delicious. 

Finally, we devoured the Summer Feast: A generous grill platter with tender sliced beef, Mettwurst sausage, seasoned Norweigan salmon, and marinated chicken breast with vegetables. It's served with fries and a trio of sauces (chimichurri, peppercorn, and beer BBQ - which was our favourite). It's available for a limited time only, according to the flyer on our table, so you're going to want to try this before it goes! I assume it'll be at 3 Brewers all summer long, though, since it's called the Summer Feast.

We topped this all off with beer, of course, since 3 Brewers is best known for its brewed-on-site beer. At the recommendation of the waiter, we tried some of the restaurant's most well-known beers: The Blonde (malty and dry, a little fruity with a subtle, pleasant bitterness) and the White (delicate aromas of citrus and flavours of wheat). If you like a light beer, I recommend either of these. 

Other items on the menu we didn't get around to trying but definitely recommend are the Late Riser, a burger with an egg on top; the Caciocavallo; the Focaccia; the Strawberry Cake Shake; and the all-new plant-based burger that 3 Brewers will be releasing on May 21 (only available on their table d'hôte lunch menu for now). 

Hit up 3 Brewers this summer if you're looking for a menu that will satisfy your hunger all night. Not only are their summer dishes delicious and totally season appropriate, they are also incredibly sized. The portions are extremely generous and will leave you absolutely stuffed! 

Visit the 3 Brewers Yonge St, Adelaide St, or Liberty St (they have an outdoor patio here) locations for great beer, tasty eats, and a lively atmosphere. The restaurant's other Canadian locations can be found on their website.

Check out the 3 Brewers menu now, or visit the microbrewery's Instagram page for plenty of pictures of their mouthwatering food and tasty drinks.