If you were attempting to commute to or throughout the city, you may have noticed it took a little bit longer than usual to get to your destination (or a lot longer, let's be real here). Unfortunately, the snow is back full force today and proves that you can never predict when a classic Canadian Winter is just going to decide to stick around for another few weeks and cover us all in snow. 

Sadly, if you were thinking that this morning would be the brunt of the snow, you are very mistaken. While it's been snowing since late last night, the weather will continue until later today, and yes that includes the snow. So if you haven't left for work yet, maybe take a toboggan instead of your car? 

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With the Winter weather came some ever so lovely TTC delays this morning and there was definitely a roster of them to say the least. From streetcars to delayed trains the morning was an absolute mess for anyone getting around the city, but as of now most of the issues are cleared up: 

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With the snow continuing through the mid-morning until late afternoon, it's predicted that we could see up to 10 CM of snow in the GTA alone. So expect a lot more to come throughout the day. Though we all know how unpredictable the weather can be, it could be a hell of a lot more or (hopefully) a lot less.