Toronto's a city full of wannabe fashionistas. But there's someone in the city with more style than arguably anybody else you'll see, and it's not at all who you'd expect. Catching the camera's eye on all four legs, Iggy Joey is not your typical Instagram model, but rather a beautiful Italian Greyhound who doesn't hesitate to show off her luxurious lifestyle for fans to enjoy.

Iggy Joey has been wowing her fans for several years now through her mix of Toronto exploration and her incredibly sharp sense of style.

According to her very own website, the pup's unique name derives from her breed as an Italian Greyhound and her resemblance to a baby kangaroo, a.k.a a Joey.

And, yes, she's gorgeous.

The brown-furred pup calls Toronto home, but she's done more than a dog's share of travelling around the world. From walking on the runway in New York and modelling in the streets of Israel, she's lived more of a jet-setting lifestyle than some people ever will.

In fact, Iggy Joey has accomplished so much at just six years old. Her awards and honours include being named "Best Dressed Dog In Canada" by Buzzfeed and coming as runner-up in Now Magazine's list of Best Instagram Accounts in Toronto.

Narcity had the chance to chat with Iggy Joey and Lyndal Moody, the gorgeous pup's owner.

And Moody considers herself and Iggy lucky to live in the 6ix, where the opportunities are endless.

"Iggy Joey is lucky to live in Toronto!" Moody tells Narcity.

"There are so many dog-friendly spots popping up and pet events throughout the year. We've made so many awesome dog friends here and can't imagine living anywhere else."

As the true Aries queen that she is, Iggy Joey doesn't shy away from showing off her styled looks across Toronto and even right on the TTC.

Has Toronto transit ever seen such elegance? Perhaps not.

And, with over 77,000 followers on Instagram, she gets

recognized a lot around the 6ix, says her owner. She appreciates when her fans come up and want to say "hi" and take pictures.

And, if you want to catch a glimpse of Toronto's most famous dog, Mood has some tips.

"Iggy Joey's favourite spot is West Queen West. She's often in Trinity Bellwoods during the summer," says Moody.

Whatever season it may be, this fashionista certainly seems to have the perfect outfit for any occasion.

She's also been featured by the likes of Vogue Paris, Vogue Germany, the Toronto Star, Marie Claire, and even Bella Hadid's Instagram story.

And, yes, she's even been snapped with Drake, the ultimate 6ix clout.

Moody shares that due to Iggy's unique shape, most of her clothes are actually special-ordered.

"Because of her unusual shape she gets most of her clothes custom made and sent to her from all over the world. But locally, she's a huge fan of Canada Pooch," says Moody.

So, if you thought the Toronto Raptors' resident fashion guru Serge Ibaka was the swishest individual in the 6ix, it might be time to think again.

Custom clothes, a pampered lifestyle, and worldwide recognition. Who would've thought the life of a pup would sound so appealing?

If you want to become a devotee of her Instagram, and we recommend it, you can find all the cuteness here.