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A Drunk Driver At A GTA Tims Was Stopped By Police & Sent Straight To The Hospital (VIDEO)

They also found a firearm, which led to several more charges.
Impaired Driver In Vaughan Was So Drunk He Had To Be Sent To The Hospital

York Regional Police had a serious call this month when they arrived on the scene to find a driver who was so drunk that he had to be sent directly to the hospital. A concerned citizen called in to report a suspected impaired driver in Vaughan, prompting YRP to respond. When officers arrived they discovered that the man blew over 80. Police received a call around 1:30 a.m. on January 11, according to the news release, which was published today.They found the car parked in a Tim Horton's parking lot in Vaughan. Police claim that they were able to smell alcohol immediately and found an open beer in the car.

This led to an alcohol test, which the driver failed. After he was placed under arrest, officers did a further inspection of the car. The release states that they found a firearm and ammo in the front passenger floor, which led to additional charges.The 54-year-old man from Richmond Hill, who has not been named, has been charged with a total of six charges, which include impaired operation, alcohol level of 80 plus, unauthorized possession of a firearm, careless storage of a firearm, and other weapons-related charges.The whole incident was filmed on dashcam by the YRP. 

The caller who informed the police of the issue said that they saw the man stumbling around. They went to see if he was okay because he had dropped his glasses. When they went up to him, they said it was obvious that he was "not okay."When the police arrived and asked if he had been drinking, the driver responded that he hadn't. 

"Absolutely no," he can be heard saying in the video.

Police were so concerned about his blood alcohol level that he had to be sent to the hospital as a precaution. However, this isn't the only drunk driving case that the force has seen. YRP stated that in 2019, they received around 3,500 calls alerting them of apparent drunk drivers on the roads. They said this was an increase of 18% since the year before. 

Last year, York Regional Police responded to another case at a Tim Hortons, where a drunk driver passed out while in a drive-thru line.

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