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It's Official: Jollibee Is Opening In Toronto Next Week

You can almost smell the Chicken Joy from here!
It's Official: Jollibee Is Opening In Toronto Next Week

Attention all Jollibee fans — a new update confirms that we are now on the home stretch of the grand opening of the new Jollibee restaurant in Scarborough's Kennedy Commons.

NOTE: Please scroll to the bottom of the article for the most updated information!

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A previous source (who had attended an interview for one of the open staff positions at the restaurant) had told Narcity that the company was aiming for a March 25 opening date. However, a new source (who is an actual crew member at the restaurant) has revealed the restaurant's official launch, which has been confirmed by Jollibee Canada: April 1.

The new source, who asked to remain anonymous, also mentioned that the crew will be "conducting their final training this coming week," and have "dry runs in the next couple days to practice the crew so they can keep pace for opening."

He hopes that people don't take the news as an April Fools joke, considering that the opening date lands on the first day of the month:

There are still a few things left to do to get the restaurant in shape, but everything looks like it's coming together nicely. Passerbys have noted that the menus, kitchen, lights, tables, seats and wallpaper look to be set up already.

It's important that Jollibee fans do not line up this Sunday, as the restaurant will remain closed despite the word of the previous March 25 possible opening date. While we wait, we can always prep our tastebuds with this guide on the 7 must-try foods at Jollibee.

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UPDATE: Jollibee Canada has confirmed April 1, 2018 as its official opening date in Toronto, just a few minutes after this article was released: 

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