Have you ever wanted a tattoo but feared the commitment? Maybe you have a cool, artsy design in mind, but know deep down you’ll regret it in the future. This Toronto tattoo parlour has all the ink solutions you need, offering ‘for now’ tattoos that won’t last forever. The new Inkbox Toronto tattoo shop opens Friday, July 26 and we ‘ink’ you’re going to love it!

Inbox began as a local startup offering temporary tattoos and has since become a huge phenomenon. You can see some of their work on 'Stranger Things', 'Russian Doll', and 'The Greatest Showman'! You can purchase specialty designs created by Inkbox artists online and apply them yourself, wherever you’d like your new tattoo to be.

The ink will last 1-2 weeks, so you can experiment with all the designs you want without any regrets!

Inkbox’s new location offers specialized services and awesome designs. This retail space will be combining permanent and temporary tattoos to cater to everyone.

The venue will include a studio run by their sister brand Inside Out, which will offer permanent tattoos by appointment with Canada’s most-followed tattoo artist, Curt Montgomery. You can purchase brand new temporary Inkbox tattoo designs at the store, and even pick up some Freehand Ink so you can draw your very own tattoo.

The Inkbox venue offers brand new, exclusive designs that you can’t get anywhere else! You can also find a secret new product, which creates highly detailed, realistic tattoos. Inkbox will officially be opening its doors today at 379 Queen Street West, and you definitely need to check it out! Have fun looking through their range of exclusive designs, or plan one of your very own! 


Price: $14 - $30 per tattoo

Address: 379 Queen St W Toronto, ON M5V 2A2

Why you need to go: Check out the amazing designs and temporary tattoo options available at this new parlour, or sign up for a permanent tattoo!