"It: Chapter Two" Just Started Filming Today In Toronto And Here Are All The Photos

The star studded cast is super excited about day one filming.
"It: Chapter Two" Just Started Filming Today In Toronto And Here Are All The Photos

The Stephen King story "It" is a thriller movie like no other. From the original starring Tim Curry to the most recent adaptation that came out in 2017, the story is one that will easily chill you to your core.

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There is now a sequel in the works called "It: Chapter 2", which will be coming out in 2019. Just like the 2017 adaptation, the film is being shot in Toronto and the cast has been quick to share a behind the scenes look after just one day of filming. 

The mansion where the movie is shot is actually 115 years old, which obviously made it the perfect fit for this hellishly creepy film. Known as Cranfield House or Harris House, the building is protected by the Ontario Heritage Act and has a history as a social aid centre. 

The sequel actor James McAvoy began posting Toronto pictures upon his arrival and then documented the first day on set with polaroid pictures full of cast and crew members. 

His fellow actors Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, Jessica Chastain, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Jaeden Lieberher can be seen alongside him in the Polaroid photos. McAvoy is playing the grown-up Bill Denbrough, the leader of the losers club in the film. 

Jessica Chastain is also playing the grown Beverly Marsh and shared a cool mashup of her face with the actress who plays young Beverly, Sophia Lillis. 

McAvoy also shared a funny picture in front of the infamous "Oh! We've got balls!" sign in front of Corrados Authentic Italian Cuisine. The restaurant is in the heart of Toronto on John St. 

It's cool to see celebrities loving the city life in Toronto! If you want to scope out more celebrities involved in the production, check out the house at Pape and Riverdale. 

Source: Just Jared. 

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